Wednesday, February 3, 2016

No Fighting! This is a Hospital!

Feng Shui was Monday, you see. Last session is here.

So, the characters had beaten up a bunch of thugs in suits, carrying guns and machetes (the thugs, not the suits). Celeste was tending to the wounded dude they'd found in the armored truck, and saw a badge on his belt - she recognized him as Johnny Zhu, and he had been around when she was trying to help the cops find her missing sister. So she really didn't want him to die, and got him on gurney for the hospital.

Meanwhile, the other characters (mostly Tang) dragged one of the toughs around the corner for some questions. He was quite willing to talk, threats of violence aside: He belongs to a group called the SLA (though he didn't say what it stood for), and they were trying to kill "the Dragons." When told that Zhu was alive, he seemed disappointed, but said that "Ape Mask" would finish him off soon enough.

Tang recognized the name "Ape Mask" - she was a soldier for hire from his time. Realizing that Zhu might still be in danger, the characters piled into Celeste's SUV and headed to Sacred Heart Hospital.

The IC floor was hopping, with a bunch of cops, doctors, patients, and so on. They walked in (and everyone except Celeste gets stares, because she's the only one from this juncture) and looked around, but no enemies yet. Celeste talked to Chief Ban, and warned him that the SLA would try to kill Zhu again, but he chortled and said, "not with this many officers up here."

At that moment, the elevators doors open, and Ape Mask and her cohorts stormed the place.

Ape Mask was accompanied by some other toughs from the future juncture that Tang recognized, including Hammer Head, who'd been there when his partner was killed. The battle was joined! Some highlights:

  • Chung Do deflecting bullets with his sword. 
  • Bai Lin taking on Buzz Smite-Yer, a crazy thug with a buzz-saw hand, and fighting him to a standstill. 
  • An Austrian soldier (turned out he was named Otmar Schlenk) carefully taking shots at Tang and Leon and nearly putting them both down. 
  • Hammer Head required three of the characters to take him out - Tang kicked him in the chest, Celeste wrapped her whip around his neck, and Leon fried him with a Chi Blast. 
  • Ape Mask threw a grenade at Zhu's room. Tang picked it up, intended to throw it back, but miscounted. Leon, thinking quickly, hit him with a Magnetic Blast and propelled the grenade out of his hand and into the elevator, where it exploded safely off-camera. 
  • Celeste and Do taking on Titanium Tu, a man with iron fists! (And Celeste felling him with a kick to his decidedly non-titanium nuts.)
  • Leon Chi-blasting a mook out the window of Johnny's room, whereupon Johnny looked at Leon and called him by his real name.
  • A nurse jabbing a mook in the leg with a sedative, whereupon he shot another mook (I rolled boxcars and then like a -10 for the mook's attack). 
When the battle was over, the character's checked out Zhu. He seemed to know Leon (as "Li"), and told the characters that they were "Dragons." He could explain more, but they had to get him out of here. He told them, quickly, that Otmar was the "face" of the SLA, and that he had arranged to buy out a medical company called Genomic Solutions. Celeste checked Otmar's body (Leon had felled him with a Chi Blast to the face), and found a keycard for this company. 

They spirited Zhu out of the hospital and to a nondescript-looking building that Leon felt was a place of power, awash with Chi. Zhu punched in a number on the keypad...and was immediately electrocuted! The door unlocked, though, so they brought him inside and Leon kept him alive, but he was unconscious. The characters looked around the room, and found a map of the world with multiple sites (mostly in China) marked, and then a corkboard with some photos - one of which was of Celeste's sister! Another was of a collapsed building that Chung Do recognized as his dojo. 

In the corner, the characters found a computer with a note saying "Do not turn on." Tang, never one for following the rules, switched it on, and a voice greeted them! This "Sylvan Master" said he had once been human, but had become a computer program for reasons he couldn't remember. He wanted to be connected to the Internet; Celeste, sensing trouble, refused. Tang, however, was curious, so he allowed Sylvan to connect via Zhu's phone, and Sylvan started assimilating data. He also told the characters about the Chi War, raging across the four main junctures, and how they had to pick up the slack now that the other Dragons were dead. But then he zoomed off to comb through Tumblr. 

Unsure at what to do next, the characters decided to check out Genomic Solutions. So next time, we'll see where that leads.