Monday, November 2, 2015

Night's Black Agents: Deja Vu All Over Again

Last night was the end of the op in Night's Black Agents. We were down a player (Benbow's player didn't show), so that was something of a wrinkle. But then it all got much worse.

See, last time the agents got into a big fight at the farmhouse. Fuchs and Gambone were injured, but not critically, and the place was pretty messed up, but their assailants were dead. Benbow patched up the injured (I don't like playing peoples' characters while they're out, but needs must), and they discussed their options. Gambone speculated that Jens must be bugged, and a deeper inspection found an incision under his arm, and a very small mass under his skin.

Fuchs went to the kitchen to get some liquor, and felt a gun to the back of his head. A man with an American accent told him to put his hands behind his back; he did and they were zip-tied. The man asked him where Wolfgang was, and Markus refused to tell him, but grabbed his phone (using Preparedness to have put it in an accessible pocket) and hit the panic button.

The man...stabbed him? Something hit his back, and he fell over in pain. Parker crept down the hall with a shotgun, but botched that up (she doesn't actually have any Infiltration, so we used the optional rule that says if you roll on a General ability you don't actually have, a roll of 1 is disastrous...and yep, 1). The man heard her, shot Fuchs (but non-fatally; guns are a joke). Parker popped around the corner and shot him, but all it did was drive him back.

The others came running (except Benbow, who stayed with Jens), and took up positions. Fuchs hobbled out of the room, and Gambone cut his bonds. The man (whom Wolfgang recognized as Frank, who he'd last seen with tentacles coming out of his mouth) shot at them, wounding Parker. Gambone tossed an explosive into the room, but the moved too fast to follow and popped in front of him...and then unleashed those tentacles and stabbed Gambone in the chest, dropped him. Parker grabbed a knife and went to work, but he disarmed her and smacked her around. Wolfgang grabbed a sabre off the wall and swung at him, Weapons, rolled a 1. Frank grabbed Parker and put her in the path of the blade, and Wolfgang stabbed her, wounding her and dropping her to the ground.

Frank stabbed Wolfgang with his tendrils again, dropping him, and Fuchs turned and shot at him, but missed. Frank walked up, opened his mouth, and that was the last thing Fuchs saw.

Wolfgang woke up in a hospital. It turned out to be St. Mauritius, in Dusseldorf. He learned that Parker, Benbow, and Gambone had survived, but Fuchs and Jens were dead. The survivors talked with Father Diego Calderon (whom you may remember from earlier in this series, back in Rome). He said he'd been tracking Wolfgang, but had gotten there too late to help; Benbow and Jens had shot Frank and driven him off, but not before he laid Jens low. The agents were now being hidden by the Vatican; while Calderon couldn't promise them support, he could at least keep them safe while they healed.

They decided to go with their original plans - head to Osijek, track down and eliminate Dr. Radovan Macan. The device implanted in Jens hadn't been able to listen in, so the vampires shouldn't know the agents' plans. Calderon also made arrangements for a young member of the Knights of Malta, a Swede named Colin Esses, to join them.

Next time, back to Osijek (and we'll see if Benbow's player rejoins us).

EDIT: She did not, so Benbow didn't survive, either.