Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Night's Black Agents: Battle in the Farmhouse

Interestingly, I can think of a bunch of movies that have gunfights or otherwise violent confrontations at farmhouses. Huh.

Anyway, the characters had rescued Jens Kraut from the evil clutches of...well, they weren't sure. The Berlin Anti-Terrorism Task Force, sure, but who really? They retreated to Moritzburg, a smaller town outside of Dresden, and rented a farmhouse in the country to reconnoiter.

They had some food and debriefed Jens a bit. They tried to figure out what in his background or work would have attracted this "group" to target him, but they eventually decided that framing Jens served a dual purpose. First, it got the evidence about Hi-Klass Escorts, which was already under investigation, out in the open but redirected onto Jens. Second, it drew Fuchs and company out. But if that was the case, why were they so important?

The agents talked to Wolfgang (whose player wasn't there, but they were mostly looking for details from the previous team's experiences) about what he knew about the conspiracy. The group had ties to the Russian mafia, but also to organized crime in other parts of Eastern Europe. Wolfgang mentioned that Vilmos Hajnal's name had come up - Hajnal is a very powerful criminal overlord, wanted throughout most of Europe. In addition, this group seemed to have ties to the University of Osijek (through a scientist named Radovan Macan), a French medical supply company called Tasse Industries (through the CEO, Simon Thibault), and the BSI (although Wolfgang's original team had killed their rep there, Renate Bauer).

They talked about trying to take out Hajnal, but Gambone, himself a career criminal, laughed - that was on par with assassinating a head of state. They could do it, but it would require more information than they currently had. Hajnal moves around apparently at random, and it's impossible to know where he'll pop up next. Instead, Parker dug into Hi-Klass a little more, and found the current front man was named Abel Bartos. But he was a recent promotion - they guy before that was a man named Lazlo Orosz. Orosz was the man they were looking for, in all likelihood.

They then considered their three targets: Thibault, Macan, and Orosz, for risk vs. reward and hard vs. soft targets. They figured that all of them had advantages and disadvantages, but that Orosz was closest (probably still in Hungary) and worked outside the law, so he probably would have the most knowledge of Hajnal of any of them. They decided to get some supplies and make some plans.

That night, though, Parker was keeping watch in the second floor, while Gambone and Fuchs were in the kitchen making coffee, when both doors blew in. Armed men entered the house. Fuchs stunned one with the coffee maker (he'd made a makeshift espresso maker, and the pressured steam worked as a distraction), and Gambone killed the dude with a frying pan...but then a second man entered. No weapons, but obvious wounds on his head and neck.

Gambone, not taking any chances, pulled a quick pipe bomb out of his pocket and set it under the guy's chin, blowing his head half off.

Parker climbed out a window and entered the back door, just as one of the people from the front door tossed an explosive into the kitchen. It went off, but Parker and Gambone managed to duck and cover in time to avoid serious injury. Fuchs, meanwhile, had taken off town the hall toward Jens' room, and one of the assailants shot at him, but again, no major injury (you know, for all the talk of how lethal guns are in this system, I gotta disagree).

Benbow emerged from her room, but took cover - she's not a fighter, she's a medic. Another of those wounded, silent guys approached, and charged Jens (who'd emerged from his room in a panic), but Wolfgang stepped out into the hall and shot him in the head (Shooting is his MOS, I figured he'd use it). That didn't stop him, though. He closed on Wolfgang and punched him, knocking him down, and slung him over his shoulder.

Parker had stepped out of the kitchen and shot the dude with the shotgun. Gambone picked up said shotgun and kneecapped the guy carrying Wolfgang, and Benbow shot him in the head, finally dropping him.

And now the agents are in the farmhouse with four dead bodies, some injury, and a lot of questions. Most notably...how did these folks find them?