Saturday, November 21, 2015

Monsterhearts: Broken

Today was Monsterhearts! In the interest of not forgetting everything that happened, since next week is Thanksgiving and tomorrow I want to spend the day working on Dark Eras, let's do this now.

Last time, you'll recall, the characters were at Cassi's house. Cassi's mom had seen something terrible in the mirror, and Cassi herself had reached her Darkest Self. Briar had research Emmett, the ghost who'd been talking to them, but Emmett had apparently researched them right back.

The characters talked about what to do. They brought up the notion of a wake or a party, and Rook noted that Cassi could plan parties like whoa, but Cassi wanted no part of it. Briar brought up that the wake should perhaps happen in Oregon, where Emmett was from, but Cassi wanted no part of that, either (Darkest Self Cassi is difficult). Cassi said she was done with parties; people were over tonight and it had endangered her family and smashed her pool house door.

Miguel, who had faded again, gazed into the abyss to learn more about Emmett, but failed. He appeared, cut and bleeding. Cassi took him to the bathroom to get him some supplies, and pulled the cover off the mirror. Miguel tried to put it back, and she shut him down, putting her hand up to the glass, where it disappeared into the mirror. Cassi wasn't willing to let go, but Miguel shut her down, pull her hand back. He gained the chilled condition, she gained loved. She therefore calmed down a bit and got out the first aid stuff and bandages. Skyalr and Romy went upstairs to get PopTarts.

Meanwhile, Briar gazed into the abyss and saw everything around her fade away, until only Emmett was left. She said that they just wanted to help him, and he said he was fucking everything up. He said that they needed to find some way to speak to him other than this (where "this" is gazing into the abyss, it seems). Briar shared this information, with a renewed sense of purpose.

Cassi went to check on her mother. Her mother was dazed, but unhurt, and asked Cassi to help her to bed. After she did, she asked Cassi to look in on her brothers. Cassi did, and saw that they were gone. And then she realized, with a horrified feeling, that the hand that had gripped hers in the mirror was small...

She approached the mirror in their room (which she'd deliberately left uncovered, remember) and stared down her reflection, which obligingly talked back to her. It said that her brothers were gone. She told mirror-Cassi to give them back; it refused. It said that she didn't care about them anyway. She lashed out physically and shattered the mirror (taking Harm in the process).

The others came running, and helped Cassi bandage her hand. She haltingly told the others what had happened, between sobs. Briar shut Cassi down to get her calm; she failed, but Miguel spent a String on Briar to boost the roll and so Cassi wound up with the annoyed condition, while Briar got done. Briar asked if mirror-Cassi had the silvered eyes, and Cassi said no. Briar said, "So, again, it's all about you, huh?" Cassi stormed off, upset. Rook followed.

Briar vented to Skylar, and Skylar used hungry ghost and took away her conditions. Rook, meanwhile, found Cassi and talked her down. Cassi said that she wished the mirrorskins had taken her instead of her brothers, and Rook said, "I'd die again if it took you." Cassi collapsed in tears, her Darkest Self resolved.

Skylar went to find them, and creeped on them, and then revealed herself. They went back into the room to figure this out. Miguel gazed into the abyss, and missed; he felt himself fading and realized that getting information meant fading out again. He chose to do it anyway; all the attention was weird for him, he found. He saw himself in the boys' room, the brothers on their beds, terrified, Elijah's hand bleeding.

Cassi picked up a shard of the mirror and gazed into the abyss, too (since she couldn't see Miguel anymore anyway). She saw much what he had, but the room was weird and kaleidoscopic - probably because the mirror was broken. She came back to herself and talked with the others.

They figured they needed to get into the mirror-room and get the boys. Cassi noted that there was an armoire with a big mirror in the attic. Briar told Rook and Austin to go and get it (light the way, which gave them 1 forward), and they went to the attic pull-down staircase to find it was already pulled down.

They ascended and found Cassi's mother sitting on the armoire, very much solid, but with silvered eyes. She made overtures to them, but Rook declined ("I can't sex my way out of this one") and texted the others. He also shut her down, gaining the tempted condition and giving her regretful. The others came up, and her mother smashed the mirror with her elbow. Cassi arrived and told her to give her family back, but she refused. Cassi manipulated an NPC to try and figure out how to get them back, and realized that it would require going into the mirror-verse.

Rook, meanwhile, looked at the bit of the mirror still hanging on the armoire and gazed into the abyss, hoping to contact the Fairy King. He succeeded; the King climbed out of the mirror and talked with Rook. He told him that the mirrorskins were nothing to do with him - to the Fairy King, mirrors were just a door. The mirrorskins lived in unvoiced desire, impulsive spite, trauma, the broken parts of a person.

They decided Briar should knock out Cassi's mom so they could incapacitate her. Briar approached and lashed out physically. She failed, but Miguel and Rook spent Strings. Cassi's mom grabbed a shared of glass and went to jam it into her throat, but Miguel grabbed the shard and Rook yelled a distraction, and Briar sucker-punched her. They took her downstairs and tied her up on the bed, and then brought the big mirror from the hallway into the boys' room.

They decided that Romy, Austin, and Briar would wait (they weren't sure how Mikaela would react to the mirror-verse). The others entered and all held steady. Cassi gained the terrified condition and 1 forward, but everyone else just stayed cool. Briar played "Happy" by Pharrell Williams on her phone, to guide them back. They found the boys and helped them back out of the room slowly, but mirror-Cassi appeared and looked at Rook, asking him if they planned to get Cassi's mother, too. They exited the mirror, but Miguel (unseen) ran into the hallway in the mirror-verse, trying to find Cassi's mother. He found mirror versions of Skylar and Rook lurking there.

Back in the real world, the others covered the mirror. Rook shared with them what mirror-Cassi had said, and they realized that just as Cassi's mom was bodily here but possessed, some part of her was still in the mirror-verse.

Meanwhile, Miguel found everything get darker. The mirrorskins saw him. "He's the one without a reflection," said mirror-Cassi. Mirror-Rook whacked his hand against the wall, shattering his fingers into sharp shards, and lunged. Miguel lashed out physically and punched mirror-Rook, but took Harm in the process. He tried to run away, but missed, and mirror-Skylar shoved him back, cutting him up further. Finally, he reached out, using the voyeur move. He spent a String on Romy and Mikaela realized he was in trouble (he still had the shadowed condition). Mikaela told Romy she could help him, and Romy agreed. Miguel appeared, bleeding, and Mikaela was...gone.

The characters patched up Miguel and he told them what he'd seen. They decided they'd need to go back in, and this time, Miguel would stay out and keep an eye on Cassi's mom. They all walked into the mirror, and Romy and Briar held steady. Romy succeeded, but Briar did not, and found herself wondering if the others could handle a mirror-Briar. She found herself in the pool house, with mirror-Briar pulling herself out of the pool. She smiled with a mouthful of broken-mirror teeth, and attacked. Briar lashed out physically three times, shattering her double. She wasn't sure, though, how to get back without wandering through the mirror-verse.

Meanwhile, the others heard Mikaela call out from downstairs. They found her by the door, with a body (that looked much like Romy's). She said she was afraid she'd fucked everything up. "They're out there, now," she said.

In the bedroom, Cassi's mom called out for help. Miguel identified himself, and she asked him to untie her. He refused, telling her that she was possessed by a mirror-demon, and manipulated an NPC to try and get her to accept it and calm down. He realized this would require him going over and sitting down with her, which he did, and patted her on the shoulder. She smiled, her mirror-eyes returning, and Miguel felt a weird, spiritual reverberation. Mirror-Skylar stepped into the room, holding a knife...

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