Thursday, October 15, 2015


Dammit. Been meaning to do this all week and it got away from me. Anyway, last time is here.

So, last time, we wound up at Briar's, and then Rook texted that he was back in town, so everyone decided to head to Pi and get some food. They talked a bit about plans for the weekend (party at the pool house!) and about what was going on, and Miguel gazed into the abyss. He failed, and saw everyone around him fading away...his own flesh, in fact, disappearing into the void.

With that rather sobering thought, the characters broke for the day, and reconvened at Cassi's the next night. They swam in the pool, ate pizza, and put a big projector up to show a movie on the side of the house. During that, Mikayla kept pressuring Romy to do something about Skylar. People finally paired off - Cassi snuggled up with Rook, Briar with Austin, Miguel was by himself but no one noticed anyway. Romy turned Skylar on, and they started kissing, much to the delight of Mikayla. Skylar notice Romy's...not discomfort, but odd expressions, and asked her about, but she assured Skylar she was fine and they moved into the pool house for sex.

This activates sex moves, of course. Skylar gained the shadowed condition, and could hear faint echos of Mikayla. Skylar asked Romy who she's been talking to, and Mikayla answered, explaining who she was to Skylar. Romy asked Skylar how she could tell the others about Mikayla (since it tends to make people think she's crazy); Skylar said it would ultimately be better if she did, and this crowd could handle it.

Miguel, during all this, listened in, and gained the shadowed condition as well.

Meanwhile, on the lawn, Briar saw a man's silhouette in one of the upstairs windows of the house. Knowing that Cassi's dad was out of town (as he often his), she and Austin when in to check it out. They didn't find anything, but decided to take advantage of the alone time. (Briar's sex move doesn't apply, however, since she had no Harm or conditions.)

Miguel, still alone, sends a sext to Dora (trying to turn her on), but fails, and gets a "don't contact me again, whoever this is" back.

Cassi and Rook, meanwhile, realize they're the only ones left on the lawn, and decide to take a walk around the property, just to make sure. Rook gazes into the abyss, and the experience leaves him drained, but he sees everything fading into the void, and endless nothing around him. Cassi yanks him back as they walk. this point began a conversation with the weird stranger than had been texting Cassi and so on, but I'm buggered if I remember how that started. I do know, though, he wound up seeing everything fade out, and the voice told him its name was Emmett. But as they conversed, Miguel realized everything was fading...the house, the grounds, his own body. He held steady, and wound up terrified, but realized he needed to get out of this, immediately. He ran away, and smashed through the plate glass door of the pool house.

The others (well, except for Briar and Austin, who hadn't heard), came running. Miguel was in the pool, miraculously not cut up. Cassi's mom wasn't thrilled, but she told them all to take the party downstairs into the rec room so that no one got hurt. Briar and Austin came down and joined them (with some knowing winks), and they all reconvened. Miguel told them about Emmett, and they figure he must be in some way related to the quietkin and the hexmutes, but they weren't sure how. Briar gazed into the abyss, but failed, and saw everyone fall into the void, everything fading and vanishing.

And then Cassi's two little brothers came barreling downstairs: "Something's wrong with Mom!"

The characters ran upstairs, and found Cassi's mother crouched on the floor in the bathroom staring straight ahead, rocking. Skylar manipulated an NPC to snap her out of it, and got her out of the room. She said that she'd seen something in the mirror....

Rook glanced into the mirror, and his reflection moved independently. Miguel reached out and touched the glass, and the glass grabbed him back. He held steady (successfully) and removed the terrified condition. Rook grabbed Miguel and pulled him back, shutting down the mirror-Miguel. Miguel was annoyed (he felt he could handle it), but the others were pretty sure that going into the mirror was a bad idea.

Skylar, meanwhile, uses hungry ghost on Cassi's mom and eats her conditions, waking her up. Skylar gazed into the abyss and wound up talking to Mikayla. She told Skylar that the hexmutes, the quietkin, and the mirrorskins were (respectively) numb, cold, and broken, called up through extreme loneliness. She also asked him to Homecoming, if Romy was OK with it, of course.

Cassi, meanwhile, took Briar around the house to start covering mirrors. They found her brothers in the bathroom, staring at the mirror. Maybe doing some kind of Bloody Mary thing? Who knows. She lashed out physically to grab them, and in the process, triggered her Darkest Self. She sent her brothers to bed (kind of roughly) and didn't bother covering the big mirror in their room. Let them deal with it.

The characters went back down to the basement and tried to figure this out. They looked into recent records and learned that the dude who died in the house was named Emmett Dyson - that's be Emmett, then. He was only 18 when he died, and was from McIver, OR, but had no family or kin listed there. He died alone. Briar and the others went to the books to try and figure out how to put him to rest, and decided that having a wake might be a good idea - he was lonely, and being acknowledged might help.

As she was looking, though, a window opened - her arrest record. And then another - Skylar's obit. And another - Cassi in the paper on the decorating committee. They were researching Emmett, but evidently he was researching them.