Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Monsterhearts: Lonesome Doves

No doves, really. Not sure what that means.

Anyway, last time, the characters realized that they were seeing three different ephemeral, silent beings - hooded people with white eyes staring at fire, bald people with black eyes getting off to people in pain, and sentient reflections in mirrors with silvered eyes.

This time, they all got together after school to see a movie (they picked The Imitation Game). Rook wasn't there; he had a family thing he couldn't get out of (IRL, his player was tending to a babby). Miguel used she's not there to become visible and thus share his snacks. They watched the movie, and as the credits rolled, the lights in the theater went out.

The emergency lights came on and people started moving toward the exists. The characters noticed some of those weird people with the black eyes, staring at an older man moving slowly down the stairs. He lost his footing, but Briar sprang into action and took the blow, catching him before he fell but wrenching her shoulder in the process.

The characters went out to the parking lot. Briar's sex move, of course, is that she heals, so she told Austin it was time to turn in for the night. Cassi got Skylar and Romy into her car to give them a lift, and Miguel decided to walk.

Back at Briar's house, though, the things were still there, and still watching creepily. Briar gazed into the abyss to talk to them and tell them to go away, but they said they just wanted to watch (and told her to flex her shoulder, which she refused). She tried to shut them down, and they just faded into the background, but were still visible. She had Austin blindfold her for sex, but she knew they were still there and failed to hold steady, so had to stop. She talked with Austin a bit and tried to turn him on, but failed, and they finally gave up and went to sleep (she lost the drained condition she'd pick up, but kept the Harm).

Meanwhile, Miguel saw a backyard bonfire. He wandered over and saw some of the figures with white eyes staring at the fire. He waited around until folks put out the fire (not like anyone notices him anyway), and then gazed into the abyss while the robed figures faded away. He failed...so he faded with them.

He found himself someplace cold and completely white. He could hear them talking around him, and he learned that they were called quietkin. He asked how to get out, and they said someone had to light a fire. Then they could get warm. Miguel tried to manipulate an NPC to get more information out of them, and gained the cold condition, but there wasn't much else he could do.

Cassi decided to invite Skylar to stay; Romy tried to get herself invited, too, since Mikaela still wants to bang Skylar, but Cassi decided to throw a party at the pool house this weekend instead. Mikaela let slip that it was the creatures with black eyes that were called hexmutes. She also said that the ones near the fire weren't necessarily dangerous, but wouldn't say any more until Romy got Skylar naked.

She dropped Romy off at home, and went back to the house with Skylar to watch The Little Mermaid. They talked about Rook a bit, and how Skylar didn't want to go back to Rook's house without Rook there. Skylar wound up turning Cassi on, and they had sex. Cassi asked Skylar if she knew where Rook went when he was "dead"; Skylar said she wasn't sure, but since his life was in the lighthouse he probably didn't go where most people go. Skylar asked Cassi which creature that they'd seen creeped her out the most; she responded "Dora."

Of course, sex with Cassi triggered Skylar's Darkest Self, so when Cassi got back from the bathroom, Skylar was gone. From Skylar's perspective, he was just asleep, but Cassi went to sleep "alone," feeling sad.

Next morning, Cassi's mom woke her up to tell her that school was cancelled due to a power outage. Cassi got up and had breakfast, and discovered a photo on her phone, from an unknown number (the same number that had called her at the pool house!)...of her, asleep. It said, "Don't worry. You're not alone."

Skylar woke up and realized he'd faded, and took the opportunity to creep on Cassi as she texted Rook. He then manipulated things in the kitchen until Cassi acknowledged him and he reappeared. She showed him the picture, and they wondered who the mysterious person in the burning house was.

Austin and Briar woke up, and Briar turned him on (successfully, this time) and healed her Harm. She discovered that school was cancelled, and everyone met up for breakfast and talked about this strangeness. The news was reporting rolling blackouts, but they all suspected something else was going on. They decided to head to Briar's and hit the books. They felt like someone was missing, but then Cassi reminded them that Rook was away (of course they completely forgot about Miguel).

At Briar's, they learned that hexmutes soaked up pain, and placed a secret weakness on them. At that point the lights went out. Miguel, stuck in limbo, spent a String on Cassi using his voyeur move, and she thought of lighting a candle. They did, and Miguel appeared, but silent and intangible, like a quietkin. Skylar used dissipate to grab him, and then held steady and pulled him out of limbo, and he related what he'd learned.

The characters figured that the hexmutes and quietkin, while creepy, weren't actually dangerous - they didn't actually hurt people or light fires, they just hung around, and most people couldn't even see them. The reflections, though...those might be more dangerous (and were, according to Mikaela).

At this point, Rook texted Cassi that he was on his way, so we'll pick it up next time, when he arrives.

End credits: "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry," Johnny Cash.