Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Beast: There Must Be Something in the Water

("Two Heads" is such a weird song.)

Monday we played Beast, and I'm just now getting around to doing the write-up because, see, I'm running a Kickstarter and that's a bigger time-sink than you'd think. Go back it!

Anyway. Last time, the brood killed a fish-monster in Edgewater Park. This time, we begin with them all in the shared Lair, looking at its corpse.

Maia knows a bit about marine biology, so she pokes at it a bit and finds, strangely, that its teeth are weird hybrid of wolf and shark, it's got gills and lungs (though the latter are underdeveloped so it likely wouldn't survive long outside the water), and it looks like it's been swimming around the lake for a while. Miriana, also savvy with animals, notes that its legs look a bit like a werewolf's when they're in mid-shift. Might this thing be a shapeshifter? Or otherwise related to the werewolves? Miriana makes a note to ask her Uratha friends.

Maia wants to get the things stuffed. She drags it back to her Lair to preserve in saltwater for the moment, and makes a note to go visit her vampiric friend Mikhail; he might know someone crazy enough to taxidermy this thing. Meanwhile, the others decide that they'll go in search of Dillon Markway, the temporarily-immortal dude who's troubling Tyler. They can't kill him (like, they literally can't), but maybe they can stash him away for a while. And who's good at that? Why, John, the Ugallu kidnapper!

They all four head out to his house, and see that someone's up and watching TV. Tyler and Miriana hide in the backyard while John lurks in the shadows and Maia knocks on the door. A guy answers, and Maia claims to be out of gas, and could he drive her up the road? He agrees, somewhat sleepily (but hey, he was up), and Tyler and Miriana sneak into the house. John assumes shadow form and rides with Maia and the guy, who introduces himself as "Mike."

Tyler sees that the living room is being lived in - blankets, pizza boxes, etc. The upstairs has a room full of boxes, and another bedroom that looks more orderly. The downstairs has a workbench and some scraps of metal and leather, and obviously marked with tools that aren't present. Someone made something and took it with.

Meanwhile, Mike and Maia chat, and he mentions that he's housesitting. Realizing he's not Dillon, she relays this to Tyler, who is annoyed that Dillion isn't there. Maia offers Mike a couple of bucks as they get back to the house, but Mike just tells her to pay it forward, and Maia quickly asks him to get a cup of coffee (not wanting to send him into the house with two Beasts). They chat, and he reveals he did time for car theft, and sometimes does some work under the table for a local guy who collects vintage cars (who happens to be Tyler's annoying neighbor).

Tyler, irritated that Dillon isn't home, notes that it is his house, and torches the place with Dragonfire, reaping the delicious Satiety that brings. Maia is contemplating inviting Mike home with her, but he gets a call from someone and rushes back to the house, just in time to see the windows explode outwards. The fire department is on the scene, and Maia thanks him and leaves in John's car (with John still in the back).

The Beasts head to Tyler's shop, and realize that both doors have been booby-trapped. The back door has an electric current rigged to the knob, and the front has a contraption made of leather and metal that would hit neck level if anyone entered. Tyler, feeling a little exposed, asks to crash at Miriana's house. Maia meets them at the house on her way to go talk with Mikhail.

Talking with her undead friend, she learns that he does in fact know someone who might be interested in stuffing the weird fish-thing, but they're from Philly. He says he'll make inquiries. The Beasts, meanwhile, head for bed.

In the morning, they decide to go to Put-In-Bay. That way Maia can swim around the lake and look for evidence of the fish-monster. Miriana hunts by scaring frat boys in the lake, and John feeds by getting kids lost at Cedar Point and feeding on the guilt and fear of the parents (hey, the kids don't get hurt).

Next time, we'll see what's out there in the water, and perhaps see more of Dillon.