Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Beast: A Day at the Beach

Last time, which was a good long while ago, the brood had learned about some mysterious creature that killed someone at Edgewater Park. They decided to go out and look around.

They arrived in late afternoon, and the place was busy. That's normal, though there was more of a police presence than usual. John noticed police hassling a young black man for no special reason, but figured that probably wasn't uncommon. Maia flirted with a cop while Miriana checked the trees by the death site, and saw gouges - apparently this thing could climb trees. The brood decided to go get dinner and come back after dark.

They did so; Maia jumped into the water to look around, while Miriana checked the beach and the woods. They found footprints leading up out of the water. And then they heard a scream coming from a pavilion.

They raced there and found the creature - an awful, bipedal, scaled fish-monster - chewing on a guy's innards. It saw them and jumped up to the top of the pavilion. Miriana slammed into the support beam and splintered it, knocking the pavilion's roof loose. The creature jumped down and slashed at Miriana. Tyler used Dragonfire to light the thing up, and Maia activated Cycoplean Strength to rip out one of the supports and crush the thing's head with it.

Just then, a survivor bolted. John teleported after him using Shadowed Soul, and brought him (terrified) back. The guy was an addict, just in the park to score, and agreed to keep his mouth shut, so the Beasts let him run. Maia also fed her Horror off the destruction she caused.

The pavilion had become a Chamber, so Miriana added it to her Lair. Maia, meanwhile, now understood what had happened in the wrecked ship (if not why), so she swam out and added that to her Lair. Miriana opened up her Lair through the pavilion and, with Tyler's help, dragged the creature's corpse in. Maia slipped into the shared Lair through the ship, and John just drove away. He saw the man they'd let go bent over a police car, under arrest, and thought of the man he'd seen earlier.

Next time - perhaps some more investigation of this mysterious lake-creature?