Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Night's Black Agents: Monte Carlo, We Hardly Knew Ye

Don't worry, they didn't blow it up or anything.

So, the agents fled to Monte Carlo at the end of the last op. They did some gambling (mostly Fuchs), lounged on the beach (Parker and Benbow), and engaged in a little loan-sharking (Gambone). Hanover did some work as a restoration/art expert, as well. Things were looking up a bit.

And then, a couple of weeks after they go to Monte Carlo, Hanover and Fuchs caught a news report about a man who worked for the German IRS-equivalent, named Jens Kraut, who had been arrested in connection with a human trafficking ring. Jens, of course, is a friend and colleague of Fuchs.

The agents got together and started looking into this. Jens had been arrested by a Berlin anti-terrorism task force. Hanover did some digging and found he'd not been formally processed; he was in a black site somewhere in Berlin. Fuchs talked to the other agents and made it clear that this was a trap; they were trying to set him up. But Parker, in particular, was not OK with the idea of leaving an innocent man in the grasp of the conspiracy. Hanover verified that Jens' record had been doctored to make it look like he had started laundering money for some shady individuals, including a money trail leading back to Hi-Klass Escorts (which the characters had seen before). They decided to head to Berlin and try and rescue him, hopefully without dying.

Research and hacking indicated that they weren't going to find the black site through a computer; they needed to get boots on the ground, as it were. Gambone contacted Ava Kingsilver, his usual arms dealer, and had various instruments of death shipped to Parker's friend Marta in Berlin. They took the train up, collected their stuff, and got to work.

Fuchs contacted a Berlin agent named Kolt Engel, presenting himself as a German intelligence agent with some information about all of this. He arranged a meeting between himself, Engel, and another agent named Klara Schmidt (actually Benbow, using a connected cover). They set the meeting place, and had Parker on the nearby roof with a sniper rifle, Hanover in the van taking pictures, and Gambone in the room hiding.

As Engel arrived, two men in suits came to the roof. Parker rolled and hid in time, and noted that they were setting up a sniper's perch. She considered trying to take them out, but wasn't sure she could do it quietly and didn't want to blow the meeting. She hid instead.

Engel arrived and was quite affable. He talked about Jens and what he knew (which was that Jens would crack eventually). The "German agents" offered their services (and Fuchs used his MOS in Disguise to sell it). Engel agreed, and said he'd drive them.

The other agents followed Benbow and Fuchs (riding in Engel's car) to a nondescript site. The two undercovers took a freight elevator down into a big, dark, open room. Jens was cuffed to a chair, beaten and bloody, and said that he knew nothing about what he was accused of, he just wanted to go home.

Benbow (using her MOS in Preparedness) had a device to jam the surveillance stuff in the room. Fuchs revealed himself to Jens, opened his cuffs, and immobilized Engel with a flashbang. They started up the elevator. Fortunately, the flashbangs were custom made by Gambone and they sent him a text when they went off. Tipped that shit was going down, Parker shot at the guards to distract them, and Gambone snuck in. He saw three dudes with guns trained on the elevator, and tossed in an explosive.

The elevator arrived, and Benbow, Fuchs, and Jens saw three dead people and the aftermath of an explosion. They ran out and got in the van, and Benbow switched seats with Hanover (since she's the better driver). They took off through the streets of Berlin, but managed to lose their pursuers.

They decided to head to Dresden to lay low for a while. This op is most certainly not over.

And while I'm at it...


We had a quick session last night; I was really tired and having trouble focusing. 

Memorial Day came. Maia went out with Ryan, but failed to convince him to take the next day off work. Miriana worked at the zoo, John hung out with Tyler.

The next day, Miriana went to work and found the police had corralled some of the head honchos about something. She happened to be standing there totally not eavesdropping when they came out, and asked her to fetch Janos, a keeper who worked with reptiles. She followed him into the room and saw pictures of a dead and dismembered body; they wanted Janos to identify the bite marks. 

Looking green, Janos said they weren't reptilian - maybe an eel, but they were too big. The body was found in Edgewater Park, though, and not a lot of marine eels in Lake Erie (or sharks, for that matter). 

Meanwhile, Tyler had put up wanted posters showing Dillon's picture and asking for more information. During that day, Carlos (one of the hunters they'd seen  practicing with bats) along with the female hunter whose name they hadn't caught came into his shop. They talked about Dillon a bit; Tyler said the guy was vandalizing his story, but wasn't sure why. Carlos seemed to buy that, and said he'd keep an eye out. 

The characters got together and Miriana told them about her day. They decided to head to Edgewater Park - perhaps they has something to do with the Chamber Maia found in the sunken boat. We shall find out next time.