Sunday, July 19, 2015

Night's Black Agents: End of the Op

Last time, the characters kidnapped Wolfgang's brother Fritz (well, truthfully, they saved his life from folks who were going to kidnap him) and then took him to Berlin to make contact with Wolfgang.

Fritz called Wolfgang and told him what had happened. Wolfgang sent them a safe house and gave Fritz the code to get in ("Make sure you enter it correctly, or it goes boom"), and then told them that once Fritz was there, they could call him and he'd meet them at a secondary location. They agreed, delivered Fritz, and called Wolfgang, who told them to go to the art museum and ask for Dr. Peter Lang.

Benbow and Parker went, with Gambone tailing, while Fuchs watched the safe house (and noted that watching both the front and back entrances at once was impossible; Hanover had chosen this spot well). At the museum, Hanover met with the two agents and made Gambone immediately, so they all went down the street for coffee. Hanover wasn't interested in running.

Fuchs joined them after he decided nothing was happening at the safe house, and Hanover told them about his experiences (at length). Parker tried to nail down his motivations for all the crazy shit he and his people had been perpetrating across Europe, and Hanover summed it up in one word: Vampires.

(cut to commercial)

Hanover explained what had happened, from their initial job in Sarajevo to the snafu at the hospital in Szeged. He recognized Davor Klobucar as the paymaster who was supposed to pay them for the initial job (and who was now running this op to try and find Hanover). Hanover showed them the thumb drive with the data they'd collected, and Fuchs looked through it briefly - medical reports, financial reports, human trafficking... And then, in the middle of the conversation, Hanover's phone sounded - someone had tripped the explosive charge in the door of the safe house.

They headed over there right quick, and found a phalanx of police cars surrounding the place. Fuchs tapped the police channel and learned that they'd been ordered to stay out of the building (which was still intact, just with some broken windows). Benbow and Gambone went in, while Hanover, Fuchs, and Parker ran interference. Hanover warned them that there might be vampires, and to aim for the head.

Inside, they found a man lying on the floor near the door. His right hand was mostly gone and he was full of shrapnel, but still horribly alive somehow. Benbow noted that he wasn't bleeding; blood was falling out of him, but not like it should (she didn't not lose Stability, however; good roll). The man flopped over and started crawling toward them, and Gambone put a bullet in its head, dropping it.

They entered the flat. Another man was pounding on the steel door to the panic room...and denting it. Gambone knew this was impossible, and doubtless thought of Hanover describing a vampire ripping a sink out of a wall and throwing it. He shot the man in the back of the head, and dropped him, but then watched as he pulled himself up on the table. He tossed a homemade grenade at the thing's face, and blew it's head mostly off. That seemed to do it.

They got Fritz out of the panic room and fled, rejoining the group a few blocks away. They talked a bit about their options; Fuchs still wasn't sure what to believe, but Benbow and Gambone had seen something they couldn't explain. Parker got a call on her burner from Klobucar, who asked for Hanover. Parker said he needed to call off the other team(s), and Klobucar said that he could do that, but she needed to contact him before 7AM. Parker agreed, but then ditched the burner.

They all agreed that just turning over Hanover wasn't wise - whatever this was, it was bad, and the characters decided it was better to bug out. Fuchs suggested Monte Carlo. It was warm, and it was far away. Parker set up a fake swap to keep Klobucar busy, and the characters left Berlin for Monte Carlo.

And that's the end of the op. Next time, they dig into the data and try to figure out what to do next.