Saturday, July 25, 2015

Board Game: VCR Clue

The Game: VCR Clue
The Publisher: Parker Brothers
Time: An hour or so
Players: Me, Al, Will, Teagan, and +Michelle

I played this game pretty frequently as a lad with my parents and sometimes my brother. In fact, some of the detective sheets still have our old notes on them. Kinda nostalgic.

Anyway, The Game: This game includes a VHS tape, but we found the videos on YouTube because the tape is old and probably would have skipped. The movie introduces all of the characters and runs you through an introduction game, hosted by the butler, Didit. The tape then has three chapters, with five scenes each. You watch them one at a time, pausing between each one to play a round of cards.

The object is to figure out all of the murders in that particular act (so who killed whom, where, and with what), and to figure out the identities of the other players (everyone draws a card at the beginning of the game). Once you've figured all that out, you can make an accusation and win, verifying your accusation with a nifty red filter to red in the clue book.

Playing the cards involved drawing a clue card (and learning a fact about the round's murders), playing investigation card (doing things like forcing another player to read a clue card, burying a clue card where others can't get at it), or getting a personal identity fact (forcing someone to reveal something about the character card they drew).

The clue cards tell you facts about the murders, but you need to pay attention during the movies and note what the characters are doing. Of course they get more involved and more intricate as you play through the harder murders.

Opinions: I kinda like this game, but it requires patience, deductive reasoning, and memory, and I'm good at those things. There are a lot of details to remember, and so a crucial part of the game is sifting through the shit you don't need to remember. Also, the game has lots of replayability (three chapters with six games each), but if you aren't playing with the same people you'd have trouble ever advancing past the first chapter.

All in all, I like it, but I rather doubt I'll get to play it again. Which is kinda sad, but hey.

Keep? Sure, what else would I do with it?