Saturday, July 11, 2015

Board Game: Cranium

We actually got through two games last night, one with the littler kiddos and one with the adults/teens. First up: Cranium.

"That," says Cael, "is Cranium."

The Game: Cranium
The Publisher: Hasbro
Time: Half hour or so
Players: Me, Teagan, Cael, Will, +Michelle

The Game: Cranium consists of a board with two tracks, a fast track and a "scenic" track, with stops of four colors. The colors corresponding to four types of tasks: Star Performer has you doing charades, humming tunes, or impersonating famous people or characters; Creative Cat has you draw pictures or sculpt with clay; Word Worm has you spell words (sometimes backwards) or define them; and Data Head asks trivia questions. You need two teams, so minimum of four players.

Everybody loves the clay, though it's weirdly lemony.
You move around the board trying to get to the center, at which point you need to get one of each type of card to win. If you miss a question, you stay were you are, and you have a few chances to get onto the fast track at various points around the board.

Teagan and Cael both enjoy Star Performer.
Opinions: It might seem like kind of a kiddie game, but the tasks actually vary in difficulty. Sure, you might get asked to spell "hippopotamus", or sculpt "two peas in a pod," but you might also need to know that the first woman on a US stamp was Queen Isabella of Spain or that an "oxbow" is a U-shaped bend in a river (I didn't know that). The game is actually designed to be played with kid and adults, and it does that pretty well.

We used to play this game with my family and quite enjoyed it, and last night I remembered why; it varies the tasks so it doesn't get repetitious, and it's got enough hands-on stuff that the kids don't get bored.

"Claw-foot tub."
Keep? Yes.