Monday, May 18, 2015

Board Game: Pack the Pack

The Game: Pack the Pack
The Publisher: Games by Play Date
Time: 10 minutes tops
Players: Me, Teagan, Cael

Game Play: Pack the Pack is a tile game designed for younger folks, which is nice. It consists of a bunch of wooden tiles with colorful designs on one side. The tiles line up to form gems; some tiles have half pieces, some have quarter pieces. The object is to pack your pack (a rectangular area on your player mat) with as many full gems as possible.

Everyone starts off with five pieces, and once you've got all five of them fit into your pack, you can grab a new one from the hoard (the big mess of tiles in that picture). You can also toss a piece back by saying "Junk!", but then you have to take two more, so that can get crazy if you're not lucky enough to grab something you can use. You can rearrange tiles in your pack as you like, but at some point someone will be happy with their pack and say "To Town!"

Cael pores over his choices.
Once the second-to-last person goes to town, play stops and you score the points. Full gems give you three points, three-quarters give you two, half give you one. You also lose points for any tiles remaining in your pack, but gain points if you're done first.

Teagan won the first game handily. 
Opinions: It's a lot like Tetris, of course, but that's cool. It presents a nifty spatial challenge, and while there is a time limit of sort, it's not rigid, it's just whoever gets done sooner setting the pace for others. Pack the Pack was quick and easy to learn, and the kids enjoyed it (I'd like to play it with adults and see how it works). Cael played a second game, Teagan wasn't interested, but that may be because she won the first game and doesn't like to break a streak. :)

Keep? Sure.