Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Promethean: Lacuna Matata

It means "no Vitriol" for the rest of your daaaaaaaaaaaaaays....

Last night was Promethean, and since I am presently in the hospital waiting room (long story, don't worry, I'll do a blog post about it sometime) and in an attempt to tempt fate to make things go fast, I shall do this write-up.

Last time, recall that Grimm had gotten arrested, but when they went to take him to the court to be arraigned, he was instead taken to a dark building where he was manacled. A man in a lab coat stepped beside him with a big-ass syringe (not a big ass-syringe), stabbed him in the side, and tried to suck our his Vitriol.

He resisted, and the needle broke, but the guy went back at it, after sticking him in the back with two harpoons that anchored him to the floor. Grimm felt his most recent milestone - being arrested - fading away.

Meanwhile, the other characters were at the courthouse, but no Grimm. Their lawyer, Siegel, found them, and told them that this wasn't normal, but there were a few reasons that he could be absent, ranging from foul play to clerical error. He intended to run it down, but Feather wasn't in the mood to wait. She used her Tuned In Condition to track Grimm, and the others followed. They arrived at the warehouse, and Feather activated her Uncanny Athleticism Distillation and smashed through the door like Mr. Kool-Aid's angry sister ("FUCK YOU" instead of "OH YEAH").

And then there was chaos. Grimm lashed out and kicked the guy with the syringe, dropping him to the floor. Matt tackled one of the other guys, and Feather launched herself across the room (that Motus Alemic is getting a workout) and knocked another one down...but not before he tripped an alarm. Avalon grabbed the syringe and retreated to a corner. Enoch used Resize to release Grimm from the manacles.

But then a door opened and three dudes with mini-shotguns entered. One of them shot Grimm, another shot Enoch, and Matt grappled the third before he got a shot off. Enoch released Grimm from the harpoons with more Spagyric, and then dove at one of the shooters and grabbed his ankle, poisoning him. Matt wrested control of the gun from the other guy. Feather rushed the last shooter, but wound up with a dramatic failure on the roll (he shot her hand blew a few of her fingers off). Grimm grappled him, though, and shot him with his own gun. Matt, meanwhile, disarmed the last shooter.

Grimm having been subjected to the lacuna and been shot to hell, nearly fell into Torment, but pulled himself out. In fact, fighting through and showing Courage (his Elpis) in the face of all this allowed him to regain all his Willpower. Enoch, however, seeing all of this violence and Immorality around him, and succumbing to it by killing a guy, fell into Torment. Avalon, sensing this, kept the syringe back, and then injected the Vitriol back into Grimm.

Feather punched through the wall to get at the wires and healed herself up. She found a back room with more weapons, and wandered outside to check the lay of the land. Meanwhile, Grimm stabilized the folks who were wounded, and the others manacled the ones who weren't hurt. They questioned the scientist guy who'd removed Grimm's Vitriol, who, under some duress, named Devon Parker as the one who'd set it all up.

But then Feather heard sirens. The characters left, and Matt found them shelter in an abandoned building. They were in trouble - they managed to find some clothes for Grimm in a pile of trash, but he was clearly wounded and the others were in various states of disheveled. Avalon mentioned that they might be able to make it to the river, and Feather felt a stirring. She forced an Elpis vision, and saw herself in a playground full of dangerous equipment - broken, decaying, stuff, but people still tried to get in to play, ignoring the warning signs. And she still caught them when they fell.

Feather, as she wasn't hurt, grabbed Grimm's clothes and made a run for it to draw the police away. She ran, lost them, and dove into the river (making a milestone: swim in a river, which reminded her of her creation and early life in New Orleans).

Meanwhile, the others sneaked out the back and made their way toward a hotel - by coincidence, the one Avalon had met with Emil Handley at. Enoch paid a large amount of cash for a room, and then they went upstairs so Grimm could shower. They handed Avalon some cash to have her go get clothes and food, but when she got to the lobby, she saw cops arresting Emil. She asked what was happening, and learned that the hotel was pressing charges for destroying the room (which was a change; he'd messed up rooms here before with no problems). She pretended to be his lawyer and talked with the cop, and then the manager, and finally learned that Devon Parker owned the hotel and was the one applying the pressure. She told the manager to get Parker on the phone, and gave "Robin Schwartz" as her name (that's the name by which he knows Feather, remember) so he'd take the call.

Parker made his position pretty clear - the syringe, full, or Emil would be taken into custody and probably wouldn't survive the night. Avalon, furious, agreed, and went upstairs with Emil to explain to the others what was happening. They drew a syringe of Grimm's bile, and Avalon used Alchemicus to turn it into silver paint. She went downstairs, and Matt followed her (Emil, meanwhile, had fallen into Disquiet from Enoch).

She went out to the limo, and handed the syringe to the dude inside. He tested it, and then shook his head. She refused to play the game, and he warned her that Parker wouldn't fuck around. She walked away, and Matt crept up, got in the limo, and gave up some of his own Vitriol, hoping to buy Parker off. The guy in the limo (not Parker, obviously) agreed, and Matt left.

Back up in the room, Matt revealed what he'd done; saved a human life (Emil's) in recompense for the life he'd taken before. No one was very impressed, because they figured that Parker wasn't going to keep his word anyway. Emil agreed to leave town, and went up to his room to pack up. He offered for Avalon to come with him, and Avalon said she couldn't; she needed to stay with her people for now. She wasn't a real girl, but she wanted to be (which, by the way, is a milestone for her: express a desire to become human). He told Avalon to keep painting, and said maybe he'd go to Europe. Avalon said that the Alps were lovely, and Emil offered to find Ysolde for her. Avalon, tearing up, said that she didn't figure Ysolde wanted to be found, but thanked him (and achieved the milestone for her Follower Role; suffer a setback on behalf of her patron). He also told her that Parker had an estate outside of town; he'd been there for a party some years back.

The Prometheans figured they'd better skedaddle, since Parker knew where they were. But now they knew where Parker was, too, and they figured they needed to go on the offensive to end this. Then they felt Azoth call to Azoth. They went downstairs, and found Andrew and his throng.

Andrew took Matt aside and said he had a line on Lurch, their mutual creator. The throng was heading east, and asked Matt to go. But Matt said he needed to see this through. They talked, Persephone thanked them for what they'd done for her. She needed guidance for what to do next, and Grimm suggested enjoying the silence, while Enoch suggested studying people, rather than spirits. Andrew wished them luck, and they took their leave. Rusty Nail told them about a transformer in a nice blind spot, since Grimm needed to heal up.

Next time, we might very well end this story.