Friday, January 2, 2015

Board Game: Paranormal Investigation

It's actually a card game, but why split hairs? I got this game from a Kickstarter a while back. I have to say, as Kickstarters go, it was pretty smooth, start to finish.

The Game: Paranormal Investigation
The Publisher: Touch Paper Press
Time: 10 minutes or so
Players: Me, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland, Al, and Will

Will decided to LARP this, for some reason. 
The basic idea here is that you're playing paranormal investigators, each of whom has an agenda and an affiliation. Your agenda determines your win condition; the Fraud just wants to lose all his cards, while the Skeptic wants to uncover the Rational Explanation Mystery cards. Your affiliation gives you a way to break the rules a bit. I played the Fraud and was affiliated with the Church (which seemed a bit on the nose), so I could peek at a Mystery card every time a Poltergeist card came out (I think; I don't have the cards in front of me).

You play evidence cards on the face-down Mysteries; once they hit a certain number, they flip. At the start of the game you get to peek at one or two, so you might know which ones you need to reveal to win or which one your opponents need. You can also discredit other people's evidence, or send Poltergeists out to just wreck everything (which means "pass cards to either side").

A Mystery revealed.
Opinions: I'm actually really happy with this game. It's simple to learn, but the varying combinations of agenda and affiliation give it replayability. The artwork is nicely evocative and not overblown; reminds me a little of Lunch Money. And, again, these guys ran their Kickstarter really well - they didn't overdo it, and they shipped on time. Glad I backed.

Keep? Yep.