Sunday, August 3, 2014

Ganakagok: The Frozen Jungle - Night to Twilight

Last week we started playing Ganakagok, and got through three turns before enough stars faded to take us to Twilight. Check it out!

Teagan's Turn: Kit is sitting on the Wall staring out over the jungle, with Kun at her side. Kamukur calls her to do her chores. On the way she meets Nanaka and the two chat, but then Kit scampers home to do her chores, which she does, and then her adopted mother tells her she has a present for her. She hands Kit a wooden box. She slides the lid open to reveal a black stone knife. She picks it up, and immediately feels a rush of fear, cold, and blackness. Phantoms eat at her mind, and she struggles with the urge to hurl the knife away. Outside, clouds start to gather, blotting out the stars. Karget prays for the village, and Nanaka consults her father and the Skin-Scroll. Her father points out the Man of the Forest on the scroll...he is holding a black knife, and clouds roil behind him.

Kit eventually prevails and holds the Knife of Storms proudly. I added a Hate from the Old Man of the Forest to Kit, though; he wants his knife back, perhaps.

Cheyenne's Turn: Nanaka is sitting in the husky kennels, poring over the Skin-Scroll. Sira, Kit's best friend and the daughter of Marak, the kennelmaster, asks her what she's looking at. They talk about the unrest in the village and Sira says she knows where the assassins are, but wants to bargain with Nanaka (whereupon Cheyenne used a Medicine Card to change the current card to the Eight of Stars, "to share," which makes Sira willing to just show her). They run out onto the ice and toward the Hot Springs, where Nanaka hears young men talking about overthrowing the Triumvirate Council. She intervenes, revealing herself, and the apparent leader, Kotolikutuk, brandishes his club.

Nanaka stands her ground, and her dog Noo and Skia's dog Katya, as well as some of the other dogs from the kennel, surround her in a protective kind of way. Keromet, the concerned shaman-in-training, is there among the assassins (officially part of them? hard to say, yet). She spots him with her Soul Vision and sees him a kaleidoscope of color, but he sees her with his shaman's sight and sees her eyes as all the stars, clustered brilliantly.

Finally, Nanaka loses, and she and the dogs run for the village, Sira somewhere behind them. The assassins now Hate her, and so does Marak, because Sira is nowhere to found.

Will's Turn: Keromet sees an assassin winding up a sling to hurl at Nanaka, and he sends his owl to stop him. Kotolikutk steps to Keromet and challenges him, saying that the Nitu need to be led by the younger generation. Keromet isn't opposed, but is opposed to killing people. They face off for a while, and the owls from the Land of Owls arrive, circling the area and apparently supporting Keromet. Finally, the assassins acquiesce, and Kotolikutk takes his leave of them, swearing enmity.

It is now Twilight. I drew the Woman of Stars for the Twilight card, and Michelle interprets it as change in the forest - animals are acting strange, some hitherto unseen beasts are awakening from hibernation, and the owls settle on the Wall, watching.

We'll pick up again soon, after Cheyenne and Teagan get back from their respective trips!