Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Ganakagok: The Frozen Jungle

Ganakagok! If you've been paying attention, you know I really like this game. But one of the problems we've had is that to really do it justice, you need longer than an evening. So this summer, I decided to introduce my daughter and my stepsons to the concept of storygaming (they've all done some roleplaying, but my stepsons are more familiar with traditional games like Shadowrun and Savage Worlds, and my daughter has played Mermaid Adventures and Cat) and stretch our game out to four sessions. So: First session was world and character creation.

World: The players came up with the idea of a frozen jungle. Ganakagok, rather than being the tundra that it usually is, consists of a huge jungle with creatures adapted to living amongst the frozen trees. We've got huge ice-pigs and various predators. The Nitu live on the edge and are keepers of the jungle. There's a wall surrounding the village, and the Nitu go out into the jungle when they come of age, as a kind of rite of passage sort of deal. The map includes such fun features as "Land of the Owls" and "Hot Springs."

Nitu: The village is ruled by a Triumvirate council, but a younger group is rising up, trying to assassinate the old guard. The Nitu keep husky-like dogs as pets and companions. The Nitu map includes various friends, mentors, and members of the village...including the assassins.


  • Will plays Keromet, the Concerned Shaman-in-Training. He saw a vision in the smoke while training to be a shaman, and in fact can't always control his visions. He hopes that he can guide the Nitu through the coming changes, but fears that they will be led astray. 
  • Cheyenne plays Nanaka, the Headstrong Heir. Daughter of one of the elders, she saw a vision as part of her rite of passage in the jungle. She carries a skin scroll containing the ways of her people, but feels that her people are doomed if they keep following those ways. 
  • Michelle plays Skia, the Questing Hunter. Skia met the Old Man of the Forest while hunter, who told her of the coming Great Thaw. She hopes to learn the truth from him, and understand it, but fears to do so. She has a pet dog named Katya. 
  • Al plays Karget, the Compassionate Gatherer. He received visions from his ancestors, of all the animals killed by the village returning to slay the Nitu. He hopes to reconcile with the jungle and live in peace, but fears having to take action and make those critical choices. He is a gatherer, not a hunter, but has a pet tiger. 
  • Teagan plays Kit, the Brave Orphan. Kit was given advice about the coming change from her adopted mother and mentor, Kamupur. Her parents went missing after they ventured to the forbidden part of the forest, where nothing grows. She hopes to complete her training and survive the change, but fears to learn the truth about her parents. She has a husky puppy. 
Tomorrow, we start playing!