Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Board Game: Scene It!

Played a game last night - using technology. Oooh.

The Game: Scene It! 2nd Edition
The Publisher: Screenlife Games
Time: Anywhere from 15-45 minutes, depending on number of players and how much they know.
Players: Me, +Michelle, and +Cheyenne

Game Play: It's a trivia game about movies, which means I often have trouble finding people to play with. Michelle, however, can give me a run for my money (which means we're normally on opposite teams), but Chey is just as good, so we actually got all play and compete! Woo!

Cheyenne, competing. 
You've got a bit bone-shaped board, and little metal figures that you hop around the board. In the RAW, you roll the 8-sider to determine what kind of question you get and the six-sider to determine how far you move, and whether you answer the question correctly determines if you go again. We had to institute a "three turns max" rule to keep...well, any of us from running the table.

See, vaguely bone-shaped.
Possible questions involve the cards (which have three different kinds of questions, ranging from "name the actor in all three of these movies" to "what movie had this tagline"), My Play, which shows you a clip and then asks a question, and All Play, which gives you a puzzle and gives the win to the one who solves it first. If you answer an All Play out of turn, you steal the turn from the player and continue on.

You can also get Buzz cards, but they suck; they're just smarmy references to movies and they end your turn, sometimes with a "move back" and sometimes with a "move forward." There's at least one that lets you play a "lose turn" on another player, but ew.

Oh, the "clips" thing - there's a DVD with the game. You've got clips, sound files (id the movie), and when you make it to the last section of the board, there's a "final cut" series - first one's hard, but miss that and you move in a circle, and the second one is easier, and so on.

Michelle, competing.

Opinions: We house ruled a little.

First, we ditched Buzz cards, because they suck. We just made it so if you roll Buzz, the other players decide what kind of challenge you face.

Second, for our second game (Michelle won the first), we made it so you answer the challenge first, then roll the die to see how far you move.

And that all worked out pretty well. I really like this game; I enjoy trivia games anyway, and movies are kind of a strong point for me. It's interesting to see what kinds of challenges we're better at; I'm great at dialog and matching actors to roles, Michelle is much better at doing the visual puzzles and, of course, her command of older movies is much greater than mine.

Keep? Sure.