Sunday, June 8, 2014

Board Game: Fish Eat Fish

Hopefully, this summer I'll burn through a few more of these.

The Game: Fish Eat Fish
The Publisher: Out of the Box (though I don't see this game on their site, so it may be out of print)
Time: 20 minutes, maybe.
Players: Me, Cael, Teagan, +Cheyenne Rae Grimes

Game Play: The game supports up to five players. Everyone gets a color, and with fewer than five, the purple fish fill in any open slots on the five by five grid as "neutral" fish. Then you put the little starfish token between your fish and the fish you want to eat, and you both pick a card (secretly) from your hand.

The hand include numbers 0 to 5, two octopus and one shark. Shark trumps everything except another shark, octopus nullifies the play (even a shark), and otherwise it's the numbers, but you also add your fish in the stack you're using, and if you want, you stack your fish on what you just beat. So the game is really about a) getting a good stack and using it to eat the others and b) keeping track of who's played their sharks and octopi.

Oh, and if you tie, all fish involved get removed from play. If you run out of cards, you take any fish you still control off; they're safe, but that's your catch and you can't get any more.

Opinions: It's fun and it's cute, and it's quick. Cael won largely by luck; he came out strong with his shark, played defensively to keep his fish from being eaten, and then just romped around with a big stack of fish that no one could overcome because we'd played our sharks. It's a decent kid game, and I may take it to work next year to work on thinking ahead, possibly some pragmatic skills.

Keep? Sure.