Monday, April 14, 2014

Vampires! Vampires with Tentacles!

Night's Black Agents Saturday night. Had kind of a big reveal.

After their rescue of Imre Szabo, the bookseller, last session, the characters holed up in a safehouse. They stashed the van they stole in the garage downstairs, ensconced their protectee in a bedroom and gave him food and a shower, and called David in.

They wanted to do some tests on Szabo, but none of them have any Medic or Diagnosis (that's David). So Lockwood called upon Eli Sippos, an EMT she knows in the area who freelances doing some body disposal. He came out and drew some blood for them. Lockwood also talked with Szabo and learned that his captors had dragged another captive through the room, an American woman named Jessica.

Meanwhile, Smith set up a flashbang to go off if anyone messed with the window off the fire escape, and Rousseau set up cameras on the external walls and doors. And then they waited.

David arrived in the wee hours of the morning. Hanover opened the door for him, and David notice a red dot appeared on his chest. David pushed him into the house just the shot went off. The others woke, and Hanover checked the monitors - four guys with automatic rifles coming up the back, two guys in front splitting up to hit two doors. They heard the bang as the flashbang went, and then the first guy kicked in the door. David shot him, he shot back. Smith hit him with a shotgun, and Lockwood finished him off - but he took too many bullets to be human. Rousseau, meanwhile, shot the one on the landing off the fire escape, and everyone headed downstairs to the van.

They piled into the van (and, in the course of fleeing, realized they hadn't swept the van for bugs or trackers). Rousseau drove the van through the garage door (OH YEAH!) and knocked the guys out of the way. The guy she'd shot off the balcony followed, on foot, keeping up with the van, but Lockwood found a grenade and lobbed it, and it was next to the guy's face when it blew.

They fled, and were about to leave town, but Szabo reminded them about the girl. Figuring they'd better get her out trouble, if they could, they stopped off in a parking garage and then headed for a hospital to analyze the blood and use the wi-fi.

At the hospital, Hanover, Rousseau, and Smith sat with Szabo in the cafeteria and did some research. Jessica was, apparently, Jessica Brown, here on a vacation visa, but she has a criminal record - art forgery, especially books. Their theory was that she was called here to make a copy of the diary, maybe to throw the characters off the trail. Szabo remembered another detail, too - she'd smelled like coffee.

Meanwhile, Lockwood and David broke into a lab (with help from Lockwood's EMT buddy) and ran some tests. Szabo had been given injections of the blood nutrients, and the effect was that was more resistant to dehydration. But why? Just to see what the chemical was capable of? Or to keep him alive long enough for the characters to find him - bait? As they mused on this, a man entered the room. He acted very deferential, and showed them a CIA ID - he said his name was Jones, and he was a friend of Smith. They talked a little, and he agreed to go with them to the others so Smith could confirm his identity and they should share info. And then he attacked.

He knocked them both across the room. David shot at him, but he didn't seem to mind. He punched Lockwood almost hard enough to take her down, and then turned his head toward David. Two tentacles shot out from under his tongue and stabbed David right in the chest. David felt his blood draining away, and passed out.

Lockwood, thinking quickly (and using Preparedness), grabbed the fire ax she snagged on the way in and severed the tentacles. Jones howled in pain, spraying blood and fluids all over Lockwood, and then ran.

The others, hearing the screams, came to their aid. Smith and Lockwood worked to stabilize David, while Hanover and Rousseau chased Jones. He had almost made it to the door when Rousseau made a Cop Talk spend to mobilize the security staff, and blocked the door. Jones surrendered, but identified himself as CIA and told the guards not to let Rousseau take him anywhere. So they locked him in a room in the hospital. Lockwood and David are under medical care, Szabo is probably likewise under surveillance, the others are free (and Smith remembered that Jones was probably turned a while back), and they still don't know where Jessica Brown is.

Next time.