Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Night's Black Agents: AT THE MALL

OK, first thing's first: Our Mall Adventures Kickstarter is live! You should go back it! But honestly, if you're reading this you probably already know about it. But I'm totally gonna put a link into every post I do until it's over.

But anyway, Sunday we played Night's Black Agents, sans +Matthew Karafa, which means that the group was missing some...caution. Read on.

The characters, recall, were in Rome, and had received word that the diary of a 16th century Hungarian nobleman, offering information about vampires, was up for sale from a bookseller who was, shall we say, very eager to get rid of it. And now he'd disappeared.

The characters drove up to Szeged and took lodging in a hotel, and then staked out the home/office of Imre Szabo, the bookseller. After sitting on it for a day, they were satisfied that no one was watching the place, and went in. Lockwood picked the lock and looked around, Smith patrolled the area on foot, and Hanover and Rousseau watched from the van (David was still in Rome, working the lab, we decided).

Lockwood discovered that the place had been tossed, but very carefully - she saw evidence that he was missing and he hadn't left willingly, but the place wasn't destroyed. She did find a pressurized glass door leading to his rare books room, so she opened the electronic lock. Hanover, watching from her glasses cam, noted the order and organization of the books, and indeed, there was a space where the diary should have been. Interestingly, there was also a space in maps & atlases, and after Lockwood grabbed his laptop, they realized that there was a 1950s atlas of the Belgrade area that should have been there. But why would the vampires take that? It's not like it's hard to get one - in fact, Rousseau ordered one just afterwards. Probably a red herring.

On her way out, Lockwood got a small burst of static. She found a tiny camera, hidden above the door frame. Rousseau found the signal, and they traced it back to a weird building within sight of the Votive Church. Figuring maybe they'd found something, they went in, making Infiltration rolls to stay stealthy...but one of them (Hanover) failed.

Inside the building, they discovered it had no power. Pulling out night-sight goggles, they found the placed had been wired to go up in a blazing inferno. Lockwood and Smith went to work disarming the device, while Hanover and Rousseau heard someone screaming for help. They went to investigate, and found Imre Szabo tied to a chair, an explosive device under it and wired to his body.

Smith disarmed, that, too, and they started heading out. But then Smith realized that the door they came in was visible from the flat rooftop of the Votive Church - if he was going to snipe some fools, that's where he'd do it. Rousseau called on her knowledge of Architecture (not an ability that gets a lot of play) and figured out where the stairs were, and they headed up to a landing on the opposite site of the building.

They opened the door and saw four thugs with guns. Hanoever, who'd gone first, shot one of them dead and popped back in. They realized these thugs reminded them a lot of the folks they'd shot at way back in Budapest, rather than trained ops or cops. So they cracked the door, Smith tossed out a flash-bang, and they popped out and shot them all, and then used their rope-ladder to get down to the ground and stole the thugs' van.

Hanover called his buddy Janos, the vehicle expert, and got a safe house with a garage to use, and they headed there, figuring the Heat was going up. And they sent for David, who will be joining them for our session in April.