Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Warehouse 13: On a Boat

So! Last time, the agents rounded up some data on the rafts that apparently brought freaking zombies to Miami. This time, we tried to get prepped to go out to sea.

(To see what, Colonel? No, Penfold, he doesn't mean 'floated it out to see.' He means... sorry.)

We figured we needed a boat, so Blue called up Walt and asked if he had recommendations on a boat. He did - his fishing buddy George O'Malley was willing to take us. So Blue got in touch with him, and he mentioned that the area we were going to had a habit of flummoxing GPS and such (no shock). Blue contacted Walt again and asked if he had any handy artifacts. Turns out there was a grey marketeer in the area...

So that evening, we all trucked down to Shore & Shore, and met Alan Shore (look, this is not my fault). Shore, a lawyer (duh) met with us and Blue introduced him around the table. It turns out he could see Blaine, so Blue introduced the ghost as well...and he reacted.

They talked a bit, and it turned out he was familiar with the Island of the River of Death. He made some reference to being "beaten to death with a club and left buried in the sand," which viewers of the show might have found funny, because that's exactly what happened to the traitorous Jamison during our last Pirates story. Shore wanted to have a few moments with the "gem" when we brought it back, which was the price of his help. Blue wasn't willing to agree to that, but said she'd have to check with her superiors. Shore graciously left the room so she could do that.

Blaine immediately asked why she hadn't simply agreed to Shore's terms and then revised the agreement later as necessary. Blue answered that she couldn't lie like that; she wasn't a pirate or a lawyer. She called Walt and discussed it with him, and he said that he would back her play either way.

Shore came back in, and she agreed to his terms - they're retrieving a gem, and Shore gets a few minutes with it before the agents take it away. In return, Shore gave the agents a metal emblem with a likeness of Columbus. Blue picked it up, and immediately knew where true north was, and how to sail a ship. With all of this in mind, we left.

Blaine mentioned that he might have been to this island before, but wasn't sure. Blue said that might have been useful to know previously, and Blaine said that for him, memories of his life were like a dark pool - he could reach in and find something, but he was never sure what. Seeing something from his old life (like Shore, maybe, since he seemed to know Blaine) helped him shine a light into said pool, but it didn't help too much. He said that this was troubling to him - he hated not knowing about his past. This gave the others some pause.

They got outside, and Blaine went to go run an errand; he said if the ring he was anchored to got cold to the touch, they were to bring it to the monument where they'd first found him. He went and ran his errand, and that's all you get.

When he got back, he learned that the others had been handing around the emblem. It worked on Blue and Memphis, didn't do anything in particular for Raji, and burned Charlotte's undead flesh. Blaine, using Telekinesis to hold it up, didn't feel anything, either, so they concluded it just worked for living folks.

The characters spent the next day enjoying the sights of Miami. Raji and Blaine went to the beach, Charlotte slept and then hunted, Memphis called up Shore (she was kind of smitten) and met him for lunch at a deli, and Blue went to a bar and had boat drinks.

That evening, we all got on the boat and headed out to sea. Blue, holding the emblem, steered them true, and they arrived at the Island of the River of Death. There was a little dock, and a bunch of garbage.

Blaine teleported to the island, but didn't see anything. The boat docked and then let the others off, and we started going ashore, dead people first. And then we heard moaning coming from the island, and saw shapes a-shambling toward us....