Friday, January 24, 2014

Pirates: The Great Navigator, Found

Last time, we were in a room with a magic helmet covered by a bunch of snakes. The helmet was payday. Time to get the helmet. 

We took the stick that Blaine had liberated from the spike pit and tied a rope to each end, and used that as a drag to move the helmet. Then we had the helmet clear of most of the snakes. Blaine held a torch to the helmet, making it too hot for the serpents nesting in it (a couple struck, but didn't bite). And then Jameson took a little medal thing off the helmet, claiming that was what he wanted - the golden helmet, itself, was ours. 

But we were still without egress. We looked around a bit, checking the bottom of the snake pit, but no dice. And suddenly we realized Jameson was gone. 

Francois and Morgan heard a whoosh where he'd been, and we found a secret door with a trigger. We opened it, and saw a light at the end of a hall. Blaine, always impetuous, rushed it, and burst out into the light on a beach. There was Jameson, running toward a longboat, with a ship moored offshore. The ship had cannons, and the longboat had pirate thugs. Fortunately, we are pirate thugs. 

Blaine chased down Jameson, caught him next to the lifeboat, grabbed by his head, and bounced his head off the boat's edge (I seriously rolled like 5 raises on damage). Jameson was not dead, but was down. The rest of the pirates came out. Morgan shot one of the thugs down, and Georgina made good use of her "get near me and I get an automatic attempt to stab your ass). Francois used a stun charm to freeze several of them, and Maddie jumped in with her cutlass. Blaine, meanwhile, yanked one with a musket off the boat and dropped him with a punch, and then stomped on Jameson's neck and pushed his face into the sand.

The last thug surrendered. Wise pirate, that. 

Blaine had Georgina check Jameson - he wanted the bastard to walk the plank. But Jameson was not only still breathing, his wounds were visibly healing. We hog-tied him, and Blaine tried questioning him, but wasn't able to get anything useful out of him on the subject of "why you chose to betray us when everyone was gonna make out fine on this deal." Since Jameson did truly seem to be a rat bastard, Blaine had Morgan shoot him, and we buried him and the dead thugs on the beach with Francois saying a little prayer over their bodies. The survivors we assimilated, taking Jameson's ship back with us to Tortuga.

Blaine, on the ship and now wearing the medal of the Great Navigator, noted that he was seeing the tells of navigation and direction that were usually Francois' job. Francois asked for the medal, seeing as how he was the navigator. Blaine gave it up (after burning a bennie to succeed on a Spirit roll; I don't want that nasty thing!), and Francois became an even more formidable navigator. 

And now we flash forward to our Warehouse 13 segment. Or rather, we do that next time.