Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Promethean: Skiing and Wedding Prep

Last time, which was a good long while ago, the characters fought some wolves and got chewed up pretty badly. They went to sleep in the lodge, Feather in her room, Enoch and Matt in the boys' room, and Grimm and Avalon in the main room by the fire.

Grimm and Avalon woke up hearing Ferdinand chewing someone out about having sex with a guest. The unseen employee (turned out to be Peter) was admonished that if this happened again, he'd be out on his ass. Ferdinand then woke up the characters and told them to get to the kitchen, and then headed to the staff rooms to wake the others.

Matt went out to shovel the walks, and Feather slipped out to visit the garage and use the snowmobile battery. She siphoned a bit of electricity, and Matt fired up a generator, hoping to use it, but Feather saw Miguel coming. He tried to get by her (he'd heard the generator), but she used Fixed Stare to freeze him in place. Matt healed his last remaining bit of wolf-wound, and then drained a bit of Pyros, before Miguel went in and asked him why he was there; Matt covered well, however.

The kitchen had an oatmeal bar set up for the employees, and Miguel ribbed Peter about the lack of bacon. Peter revealed that he hadn't slept especially well, and there was some chortling over that. Miguel told the characters that he needed three people for help on the ski slopes today, and Feather, Matt, and Grimm volunteered. Miguel also old them that tonight there would separate bachelor and bachelorette parties, and asked if anyone could tend bar. Avalon said she could (she doesn't have any particular expertise, but she does have an eidetic memory and a book of drink recipes). Miguel told Avalon and Enoch they'd be helping set up for the parties and doing whatever other work was required. At present, they stayed in the kitchen and helped Peter get ready for breakfast for the guests.

Peter ranted a bit about how Ferdinand's attitude toward him banging guests was, perhaps, racially motivated. He mentioned a former employee who had been a much more prolific dirtier of sheets than he, and to illustrate the differences grabbed for Enoch's hand to do a side-by-side. Enoch, fortunately, was quicker than Peter, and jerked his hand away before the cook could accidentally poison himself.

After this, knowing that skiing was in the offing, Feather went to find Leslie and make sure he was OK. She found him outside his room, staring out a window. She talked to him a bit, but then Madison (his wife) came out of the room and made it clear that he hadn't been back to the room. Feather stood there and listened rather awkwardly, but it was clear from their conversation that something was amiss. She was not, however, able to convince Leslie to talk about it.

Avalon came up shortly thereafter, carrying a muffin, going to talk to Olly (whom, you'll recall, had seen her disfigurements the night before). She knocked on his door, and Feather used Soothe Disquiet before going downstairs. He invited her into his room, and he revealed what he had seen - Avalon, as some kind of waxy-looking robot. She revealed that she was, in fact, made of gears, that she had been created rather than born. Olly, predictably, didn't buy it, and she took a piece of paper and a pencil and used her Device to produce a picture of him. That's not obvious, though, but the discussion didn't continue because Damien knocked on his door and took him down to breakfast (with some good-natured ribbing about Avalon being there).

As the guests ate breakfast, Miguel took Feather, Matt, and Grimm outside and told them that one of them would be up on the top of the mountain, one at a shack halfway down, and one at the bottom. They'd be spotting, making sure that no one fell and got hurt. Grimm started in the middle, Matt at the top, and Feather at the bottom. Feather mentioned to Miguel that Leslie hadn't slept and it might be good to watch him; Miguel said that everyone had to fill out a form indicating how much experience they had skiing. Leslie's had something crossed out, and he thought he'd made out the word "accident."

Back in the lodge, the characters noted Madison was absent. Stephanie gave Babhi a kiss and told him she'd "be right there, brother-in-law". The guests bundled up and headed out - Babhi, Serena, Leslie, Damien, Mike, Freddie, Brooke, and eventually Stephanie.

People started riding the lifts up, and then skiiing down. While they were doing so, Enoch went out to the shed and used the battery to heal up a bit (he was still pretty badly injured), and then found Ferdinand trying to fix the hot tub that he'd fried last session. Enoch managed to sound like he knew what he was doing, and then took over for Ferdinand. He managed to fix it, and made a milestone (Fix an electronic device).

Lunch rolled around, but Leslie kept going up the lift and Mike kept going with him. They finally skiied down, and Miguel called a break for lunch.

Inside, Leslie went upstairs, came back down, made two lunches, and went back up, presumably to eat with Madison. The other folks hung around and ate, and Miguel talked with Ella and Ferdinand - Avalon overheard. The hairstylist who was going to come up to do the girls' hair was probably not going to make it due to the weather. Miguel said maybe he could go down on a snowmobile and get her, but Avalon volunteered - she figured if she could watch it done on Youtube, she could figure it out. Ella agreed to let her try it out on Denise (one of the waitstaff/maids).

Matt caught Miguel and asked for a quick skiing lesson. Miguel agreed, took him up the mountain, and showed him the basics.

After lunch, skiing recommenced. The characters rotated positions, and once again, everyone got cold and went in before Leslie and Mike. Now with Grimm at the top, they argued again, and Miguel said that maybe they'd close up for the day, give people a chance to rest. At the top, Grimm saw them arguing and activated Sensitive Ears to eavesdrop. He heard Mike tell Leslie that he needed to get help, that his wife was spending too much time with Damien and that wasn't good. Mike went down first, and Leslie followed a moment later.

Grimm noticed that Leslie was drifting west, to an area of the mountain that was dangerous. Miguel jumped on a board to go get him back, but then Grimm realized there were wolves in the trees. Grimm strapped on a snowboard and followed, while Matt grabbed the towline and started going up (Feather was in the middle). Grimm failed in his attempt to stay standing, though, and took the dramatic failure and went ass-over-tea-kettle into the trees. He found a wolf standing over him, and it said "the hunt continues." Grimm grew claws and smacked the wolf. The wolf did not make an issue of it, but left him alone.

Back at the lodge, Leslie walked in and Feather used Aura Sight on him. She saw that he was...distant, preoccupied, but there was something else in his aura, some mechanical and regular, like a ticking clock. And then she saw Mike walking up, balling up a fist, and got in between them, saying that maybe they should go have coffee and get warm. She made a milestone (prevent a fight), and bought a dot of Humanity. The other characters saw her disfigurements mute somewhat, and were duly humbled by that. Feather noticed Brooke staring at her, sort of confused.

Avalon finished with Denise's hair, and it looked lovely. Ella told Serena that Avalon could do the bridal party's hair and makeup tomorrow, and she reluctantly agreed. The wedding party settled in to relax before the party...which is what we're doing next session.