Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Promethean: Hot Tubbin' and Fightin' Wolves

Recall that last time, the characters were joining the staff for a friendly card game. And so they did - the PCs plus Peter, the cook (not Peter Cook) started out. Peter is a pretty skilled poker player, but once the game was explained to Avalon she picked it up and handily won.

During the game, Miguel came in and whispered something to Peter. Avalon and Feather were close enough to hear: "She's on the balcony." Peter excused himself and Miguel took his place, but didn't fare any better against Avalon. Feather excused herself to get some beers, and went into the dining room to peer out the window at the balcony. There she saw Peter chatting up Brooke.

Cards went on for a while, and then Denise, the server, poked her head in and said folks were hot-tubbing. Avalon decided to join in, while the others declined - they wanted to sneak out and go wolf hunting.

Avalon wound up in the hot tub with Olly, Miguel, Denise, and Freddie. Olly flirted a bit, and then brought out a big bag of weed and rolled a joint. Avalon, of course, couldn't really get high (Prometheans aren't exactly immune to chemicals, but pretty close), but she enjoyed watched the rest of them giggle.

Meanwhile, in the woods, Grimm tracked down the wolf pack using Sense Flux. The wolves, when they found them, registered as being highly Flux-tainted. Grimm figured they weren't werewolves, and Enoch thought maybe they were created by a sublimatus. The characters approached the wolves, and the wolves spoke with them.

The wolves admitted they were hunting someone, someone who "will be married on Saturday, January 5th." They identified their prey as male, but wouldn't (or couldn't) say who - the characters initially figured it might be Babi, but the wolves didn't seem to know.

One of the wolves made a dash for the building. Feather, boosting her speed with Pyros, sprinting after and caught it. Grimm shot it and nearly dropped it, but the wolf turned around and bit Feather. The other three wolves attacked, doing varying amounts of damage (the one that got Enoch very nearly killed him). Feather punched the wolf with which she was wrestling, and it crumbled to black dust...but then one of the other wolves split in half and became two wolves. This gave the characters pause.

In the hot tub, Ferdinand had joined the younger folks. He disapproved of the weed, but didn't make them get out. He talked with them about his marriage (28 years), and did his best to answer Avalon's odd questions about love and marriage. And then Avalon heard something and asked if the others did. Ferdinand turned off the hot tub, and they listened in eerie silence...and heard the growling and snarling from the wolves.

Avalon got everyone out, into the building, and used Transformation on the door to fuse it with the wall. Olly, unfortunately, saw this (though did not immediately suffer from Disquiet).

Outside, the wolves told the Prometheans that the hunt was still happening, and ran into the forest. Grimm shot one, and Matt shot another (making a milestone: Pick a fight). After Matt's shot, the wolf turned around and snarled, draining some of Matt's Pyros.

The Prometheans split up, figuring they'd better get inside before the cold became a problem (Matt is weatherproof, but the rest aren't). Enoch and Feather found the hot tub and Enoch shorted it draining the motor, healing a little. Matt and Grimm found a shed, but Matt failed to pick the lock (extended action and he failed, taking the Shaken Condition, and then resolved that on the next roll to take the Beat). They circled around to the front, and went in the front door. Ferdinand, there with his rifle, saw them come in, and saw that Matt was wounded (bitten on the arm). He called for assistance, and Matt, not knowing what else to do, passed out. Grimm stayed quiet while Miguel came and looked at the gruesome wound on Matt's arm (making a milestone: Be present and silent for an entire conversation).

Enoch and Feather stayed by the hot tub long enough for Feather to bind their wounds, and then went in a back door. They rejoined the characters just as Ferdinand was talking about getting an ambulance; the characters weren't thrilled by this idea, for a variety of reasons. Just then they all felt a blast of Pyros from up the mountain, and a violent snowstorm started.

Enoch went to find supplies, and stole a defibrillator. While looking, he overheard a man and a woman talking: Madison, talking to Damien. Madison was saying, "He's just been different lately. Distant, preoccupied. Depressed. Drinking, not sleeping." Enoch filed that away for future reference and went back to the others. He applied this to Matt when no one was looking, and the battery was enough to heal the wound a bit. Then, when Miguel came to treat the wound, it wasn't as bad as he'd thought. This, combined with the weather, convinced the resort folks that getting help wasn't necessary at the moment.

The Prometheans regrouped and talked about their options. Avalon was convinced that they needed to fortify the resort somehow, that the wolves might return, and she was determined to protect the people. The others agreed that the folks needed protecting, but weren't sure that barricading the doors was the way to go. Avalon also pointed that several of the men "will be married on Saturday," including Leslie and Ferdinand. The others hadn't considered this; maybe Babi wasn't the target.

Avalon wound up using Transformation to seal the doors (only lasts a scene), and then sleeping by the fire with her clock. Grimm slept nearby, too. The others retired to their rooms, and each called on Elpis, with varying degrees of success. But no dreams came to Avalon, and as she fell asleep, she reflected that Leslie and Madison, Naresh and Anjali, Babi and Serena, Ferdinand and Ella...all these people got to sleep next to the ones they loved, and she, created to be a companion, was alone.