Friday, January 10, 2014

Irate Pi-rates

Monday was Pirates of the Spanish Main. So yeah!

Last time was a while ago. We'd finished up a battle, and we now headed into the falls. We wound up in a temple. We found the body of a Spaniard, holding a Bible. A note fell out of it, containing a number of cryptic clues, including references to three cats, and then several aphorisms. You make your bed, you must lie in it. A rolling stone gathers no moss. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Anachronism aside, in the next room we found a casket. Cracking it open, we found it was empty, and water started rushing into the room. We tied rope around our waists and let the water fill the room, making the casket float, and carrying us to the hole in the ceiling. One by one, we lifted ourselves through, and found ourselves in a room with a floor much like a chessboard.

Blaine, a sort of impetuous type, started across the floor, and heard a click. The gigantic boulder started rolling down a track, and we realized it would come through the door we'd entered, and block the only other exit. We ran for it, Blaine and Francois picking up Morgan (since she doesn't run fast).

Next room had a bunch of snakes in a pit. Francois used a skull to cast a Detect Arcana kind of charm, and saw a glow beneath the snakes. We drove them away and he found a helmet. He grabbed it and we moved on.

In the next room was a raised platform and a scale. We took this one a little more carefully, and looked at the markings around the edge, which seemed to indicate that giving life granted eternal life. Checking the scale, we figured that human hearts might have at one time been place in the bowl, but "life" in this context - an island surrounded by salt water - probably just meant water. So we filled the bowl with water, and low and behold, the platform rose up, leaving behind a circular staircase...which then started to fall.

Blaine tied off a rope and rappelled down, and saw the mechanism that was causing the collapse. He jammed it, and everyone lowered themselves down into the pit (which contained sharpened spikes). Blaine broke a spike to use as a spear, and led the crew onward, to riches and glory.

We hope.