Friday, November 29, 2013

Turn and Face the Strange (P-P-Pirates)

Last Monday was Pirates. S'pose I should do the write-up.

So! We were on this island, going through the Cliffs of Blood. There we were, in the jungle, when suddenly, drums!

The trees around us erupted with darts, felling a couple of our NPCs. Blaine boosted Maddie up into the trees to engage the enemy, and then jumped up himself and starting punching motherfuckers. Jamison, our guide, hid. Morgan stood front and center and shot at one of them in the trees, and that got a reaction, but the reaction wasn't "run away!", sadly.

They continued to shoot darts at the pirates. Francois climbed up a tree to engage and cast his armor charm (which helped). The natives were tough, though, and hard to hurt, even for seasoned combatants like Blaine. So then their chief came charging out of the brush, wearing repurposed Conquistador armor and a big ol' face mask.

So Blaine swung out of a tree, landed on him, and jammed a blowgun (that he'd commandeered from another native who no longer needed it because Blaine threw him out of a tree) into the chief's neck, and communicated his intent to kill him if the others advanced.

The natives relented, and then the communication problems began. They spoke no English (or French), and we spoke no whatever they spoke, but Jamison spoke Spanish to them and that seemed to work. They told him that the temple, the golden helmet, is beyond the waterfall - so that's where we headed. Blaine took some of the indigo dye and put a blue handprint on the chief, and instructed Jamison to tell them that if he wished to, he could call down lightning any time and kill the "marked" chief.

And into the waterfall we went.