Sunday, November 3, 2013

Board Game: Chomp!

One more from last night.

The Game: Chomp!
The Publisher: Gamewright
Time: 20 minutes or so
Players: Me, Teagan, Cael, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland+Sarah Dyer

Game Play: You've got cards with various sea creatures on them. They're divided out evenly, then each turn everyone turns one up. You slap the lowest card on the food chain (sharks eat everything, seals eat everything but sharks, big fish eat everything but sharks and seals, etc.), and then collect everything lower than you. If someone gets an electric eel, it's a feeding frenzy and anything is fair game, if there's an octopus, then all cards are set aside and next turn, the winner takes them, too.

If all your cards get chomped, you're out. Game ends when two people are left (you count cards and highest total wins).

Opinions: It's a cute little kids' game, and it's complex enough that adults can play it and not get bored out of their minds, but simple enough that my five-year-old played and stayed engaged. The artwork is pretty and the seal picture looks demonic (Cael initially thought it was a sea monster). My only complaint is that, like similar games, one player can win a hand and stay in the game, dragging things out. But really, a five-player game only took about 20 minutes, so that's fine.

Keep it? Yes.