Sunday, November 3, 2013

Better Angels!

Yesterday we (that is, the group that had, in the past, played Misspent Youth and Dresden Files) decided to start up a new game. We've been playing one-shots for a few months now; last one was A Tragedy in Five Acts, but I wanted to run something consistently, so here we are. We decided, after some consideration, on +Greg Stolze's demon-possessed supervillain game, Better Angels. I was a Kickstarter backer and I played in a sort of so-so game of it at GenCon (the "so-so" bit was in no way reflective of the game itself, I think), and the players were enthused by the premise, so we got to work.

All we did yesterday was make characters; I haven't read the book thoroughly, so I need to do that before I run it. The players were highly amused by the snippets I read them, the Cloven Hooves Aspect in particular. Here's what we came up with, character-wise:

  • Gary Greer (no supervillain name yet), possessed by Mammon of Avarice. A former track and field star who sold himself out for wealth, fame, and so on. Powers: Dominator Strike and Psychic Object. Aspect: Wings and Horned. 
  • Arvo Aulis Kurkinen, aka The Iceman, possessed by Nidhogg the Malice Striker. Finnish race car driver who was fired from his team and took up with the demon for revenge. His player has some ideas about doing Jigsaw-like things; giving people "tests" of their integrity or intelligence or something (but that are fairly stupid, not nearly on Jigsaw's level of GAH). Powers: Ineffable Defense, Wither. Aspect: Flame-Wreathed (blue and cold), Invisible. 
  • Livi (no last name given), aka Amber Alert, possessed by Glasya-Labolas. Livi is a little girl who just wanted to be bigger and tougher than her brothers. She got her wish. Powers: Animal form (komodo dragon), Terror. Aspects: Flame-wreathed, Giant. 
  • Willa Williams, aka Britannica, possessed by Baal. A fairly normal librarian who picked up the wrong book one day. Powers: Terror, Dead Ringer. Aspects: Cloven Hooves, Wings. 
So, one thing we noticed is that all of these people (except maybe Willa) accepted demonic possession, which changes the game just slightly. But I need to read the rest of it and get comfy with the mechanics, because the system for this game ties in with the themes of the game, rather than being a physics emulator (which is fine with me). I'm looking forward to it. Probably make my own character for the chargen project later today.