Sunday, September 22, 2013

Holy cats, busy Sunday.

OK. Gotta do the game write-up from last week. Gotta do two movie posts, and then a board game post. And then I gotta write this Hunter thing. Here we go!

So, way back here we played through the first session of our Warehouse 13 game, off on an exciting quest to chase some cows. Something I forgot at the end of that session: the next morning, several of the cows had shown up in the town square, wearing signs saying "MEAT IS MURDER" and "I FART METHANE" and so on. Looked like some low-grade ecoterrorism, but it gave us something to investigate.

Blue called the sheriff and he came and got the cows, and then she roused the rest of us. Raji examined the cows (Charlotte couldn't leave the hotel, it being daylight), and found they were also coma-cows; slowed heart rate, just kinda lethargic. But that didn't give us any sense of where they'd been or what they'd been doing. Prints on the signs matched a youngster in town who had a record, but we couldn't find him or his girlfriend.

Memphis had dug up that Daniel Thompson, the missing truck driver, had whomped together new identities for his wife and son and put them a couple of towns over (not a very professional job). We talked about going to see her, but ultimately, didn't. Memphis dug into some historical records and called up some artifacts that might have this effect on cows. She came up with Mrs. O'Leary's cowbell, and a brand that, surprise surprise, has a similar shape to the Lazy S ranch.

So we went out to Jimmy's ranch, and Raji and Blaine snuck into the barn (well, with Blaine it's less "sneaking" and more "walking" because he's a ghost). Raji found several brands, including one that Blaine identified as looking older. But at this point Raji got caught and made some excuses about 4-H. At this point Blue and Memphis showed up and told Raji to get in the van, looking all stern and stuff, to avoid prosecution for trespassing.

Jimmy said that the brand wasn't in use, and hadn't been in his memory. We talked about ways to get it, but since Raji got caught and Blaine can't carry material things, we decided to send Charlotte back for it after dark.

From there, we talked about the logistics. If you were stealing cattle, and not immediately selling or slaughtering them, where would you put them? Memphis did some computer-ing and came up with a few places in the area that you could keep a herd of that size. One was an abandoned tool and dye plant, so we headed out there. Blaine, as usual, walked through the place to scout ahead, but apart from some litter and footprints that indicated it had been visited recently, nothing. No cows or evidence of cows, anyway.

Nearby, there was a trailer, so we headed out there as well. In that trailer, we found Daniel Thompson, hanged with an extension cord. It looked as though he'd been tied up, hanged, then untied in a half-assed attempt to make it look like a suicide. He didn't leave a ghost behind, though.

Blue called the sheriff to come and start processing this scene, and that's where we left it.