Friday, September 6, 2013

Warehouse 13!

The Pirates of the Spanish Main game alternates with this one. That is, we do a story of Pirates where we find an artifact, and then a story of this game where we recover it. That's the plan, anyway. Meet the characters!

  • Jason Blaine, or rather, the ghost the thereof. The other characters discovered him haunting a seaside site in Florida, mystically tied to an anchor. Now he's tied to an iron ring made from said anchor. He's trying to adjust. 
  • Clarissa "Blue" Bluemental, former agent of the Secret Service, now working for Warehouse 13.
  • Memphis, the computer and research person. Also a fairly normal mortal. 
  • Charlotte, a vampire. 
  • Raji, a 14-year-old kid possessed by a demon. 
Excuse the lack of detail; we didn't do a lot of group chargen with these folks, and I don't have the sheets handy, so I don't know a lot of their history (other than Blaine, who's my character). 

Anyway! Blue gets the briefing from our handler - out in North Dakota, in a little nothing town, someone jacked a truckload of cattle. But one animal was left there, apparently dead, but it woke up when its autopsy started. This, apparently, "pings our kind of weird," so we suited up and headed out. 

We arrived in the town after sunset (which is good for Charlotte), and found the site of the wreck. Blue talked to the local sheriff, posing as a member of the department of Agriculture, and checked out the truck. Someone had shot it up pretty good, but there was no blood. Blaine flicked through the cab and looked for the sleeping compartment (prompting surprise from Blue that he knew about it at all), but found nothing out of the ordinary. The back part of the truck was gone, of course. 

Blue talked with the local LEOs and learned that this kind of thing happens sometimes; someone jacks the truck and then sells the cattle quick before word gets out. The rancher in question (Johnny Simpson) said that he'd had something of a lean year, and needed money fast because his boy got into Harvard, which was why he'd been selling at an odd time of year. We got the named of the driver (Daniel Thompson) - he was missing. 

We checked his house (Blaine, again, making use of the fact that he's invisible and intangible, walked through it), but nothing doing. Not much stuff there at all; it looked like the guy wasn't home much, which makes sense if he's a trucker. 

Meanwhile, Memphis, Raji and Charlotte had a look at the steer. It was alive, but its heartbeat was slow (we nicknamed it "coma cow"). Nothing else doing there. 

We ended up with Charlotte and Raji wandering the town looking for more weirdness, Blue and Blaine pretty much done for the evening, and Memphis searching via computer for where the trailer might have ended up.