Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Game Writeups, part 1: Spies On Bus

No, on trains, really.

Last time, you may recall, the characters decided to get on a train and head to Switzerland. This they did, hopping a train in Sarajevo and heading north.

They got as far as the city of Osijek, and having a bit of time before the train left, decided to disembark and get a coffee. While across the street, Smith sees three people - which, with Tradecraft he recognizes as being bad news - enter the train station. The characters split up. Lockwood and Hanover go back into the train station to try and figure these guys out, while Rousseau, Smith and David go to buy some fruit to take with them on the trip.

Hanover and Lockwood make two of the men, searching the train station. One of them sees Lockwood and nudges the other one, so clearly they're looking for the characters. Lockwood pops into the ladies room to disguise herself, figuring the men won't follow her in from the crowded train station. She's wrong, as it happens.

One of the men enters. She enters a stall before he sees her. He rips the stall door off and lunges for her. She strikes at him, but it has no noticeable effect. He tosses her against the wall, displaying strength and speed far beyond what he should have. She decides to cut and run, unlocks the bathroom door (whereupon he rips a sink out of the wall and hurls it, but it misses and shatters on the wall). She runs out the door.

At this point, the other man (who was standing guard) plants his hand on her chest and pins her against the wall. The force of the blow is enough to knock the wind out of her, and she realizes that he's strong enough to crush her.

But then the other three agents (Hanover had gotten on the train, by the way, in what probably wasn't the best tactical arrangement) come back into the train station. David yells for the police, who converge on the man. Lockwood uses this opportunity to free herself and run, and the agents board the train. Rousseau, thinking quickly, takes some pictures of the men. The agents now safely on the train, and the men being pursued by armed guards, the action moves on.

Lockwood is well and truly spooked by the whole thing. She's also hurt, though not badly. She knows that they moved too fast and were too strong, and David can't think of a drug that would make a man strong enough to do what they did. They do a little research, and find the men's pictures - they're security guards at the University of Osijek's medical school, and their profiles look completely normal. No military service, no combat training, no ops, and their stances didn't look military or especially trained anyway. Lockwood also looks into the laptop information a bit more, and finds that it's a mishmash of investigations into private individuals and businesses ranging from multinational corporations down to local taxidermy shops, and the data isn't arranged in any way that makes sense. They do note, however, that the three businesses that Hanover traced the Russian mob money to aren't represented, though the medical faculty of the University of Osijek is.

The train stops before the Hungarian border and the agents watch carefully, trying to see if anyone else gets on. No one scary does, but the third man that they saw earlier gets off. Taking a picture of him and running it through their investigative abilities, they find that he is Dr. Radovan Macan, a doctor/teacher at the aforementioned university. He was hired on early in the school's history (it was founded in 1975), did some publication as a younger doctor, but recently got a big grant from a medical supply company - his work is mostly in radiology. He's in the laptop, too.

The train pulls into Budapest, and the characters get out and go to reclaim their luggage (Hanover and Smith both had checked pieces, which included Smith's Dragonov and modified AK). They're told that the luggage has been delayed (and the paperwork doctored). Rousseau advises walking away, but they don't want to leave their gear behind, so they go to get it (figuring they'll just need to bribe someone). The others go to find a hotel, but seeing as how they've been made, maybe, they skip their initial hotel choice (where Hanover has made reservations) and find a seedier one.

At customs, Hanover and Smith bribe an agent, and he tells them he was told to delay them. At this point, another agent runs. Smith catches him and grabs his arm, and Hanover goes with the first agent behind the counter to get their stuff out of storage. At this point, three men round the corner (this is basically a blind alley in the train station, ending in the customs desk; never been to Budabest Kelenfold station, had to make it up) and draw guns. He draws back, and the shooting starts.

Smith manages to make good use of his human shield, but not for long. He dives behind the counter and Hanover, having retrieved the AK from the duffel, comes out shooting (Shooting is his MOS). He downs one, Smith downs the other, and the third one runs. Figuring they don't have long, Smith (using Preparedness) puts together a quick explosive and tosses it back into the room with the baggage (killing the other customs officer that they initially bribed), and they leave.

They get back to the hotel. Smith is bleeding from a minor gunshot wound, the city is getting shut down because of the "terrorist attack" and the Heat is up. The characters decide to stay a week in Budapest, let the heat cool off, and try and figure this out. Sounds good to me.