Sunday, February 3, 2013

Gaming, and then more gaming.

Yesterday was Night's Black Agents. I really need to put some prep time in before the next session, as we are well and truly off the map provided in (S)Entries. Which is fine, I'm really looking forward to the game, but prep. Fortunately I have like five weeks to do it.

In irritating news, one of the players brought a CD which contained a song for my Changeling soundtrack...and it confused my computer to the point that it can't find the D drive anymore. Meaning I'll need to take it to Best Buy and hope they don't want to keep it for a week. Sigh.

Anyway, running Dresden in about half an hour (the game days tend to bunch up) so I'd better get on this.

Well, last time, the characters were going to the drop point to hand their stolen laptop over to Anton Dedopovic and get their money. They checked out the drop point - it was in a cemetery, one way in and out (and a back road, but it wasn't accessible from their side of the line and they didn't feel like trying to cross in Serbian territory), so Smith and David went to the point the night before, trekked up into the hills in ghille suits, and camped there over night to snipe as necessary.

The next day, Anton and his crew drove in (Anton in a sedan, the crew in a Jeep). The characters realized that they were sweeping for radio signals, so they texted the others (Lockwood, Rousseau and Hanover) to stay quiet. The three of them arrived, and on the way in, Hanover noted a scope up in the mountains, but figured that Anton must have had the same idea as they had - put a sniper in the hills to cover the meeting (this would prove not entirely the case). They met Anton, Hanover handed over the laptop and Anton gave him a briefcase. Lockwood (using Bullshit Detector) saw the thugs tense up...and then someone shot Hanover from the mountain.

They fell back, trying to get away from the five men armed with automatic weapons. Smith noted that three of them were standing in a line, and shot them, killing two. Rousseau shot another one from the car, and Lockwood shot Anton, but only wounded him. David, quickly dead-reckoning where the first shot had come from, took off through the woods, but saw a scope pointed at him. He fired his weapon (AK-47; Smith had defined an arms dealer as a Contact before this) and heard a cry.

Down at the meet, Anton ran to his car. Hanover, using Preparedness, stated he'd put an explosive charge in the laptop - not enough to kill anyone, just enough to destroy it if anything went wrong. He tripped it, and Smith shot the engine block of Anton's car to keep him from driving away.

David heard someone running and shot again, and the running stopped. Rousseau, Hanover and Lockwood got in the van just as a thug shot at them, but only succeeded in taking out their headlights. Smith shot him in the back and killed him. Rousseau, seeing Anton run around the shack to get to the Jeep, used her MOS (Driving) and pinned him against the shack with the van.

David, meanwhile, found the enemy sniper, dying in the woods. He asked why Anton had tried to screw them, and the sniper said that Anton was screwing the buyer, because he wanted to live forever. Confused, David joined the others at the bottom of the mountain.

They didn't sweat cleanup too much, figuring that the local authorities would see this as a deal gone bad - judging from the bullet holes in the tombstones, it wouldn't be the first time. They did, however, interrogate Anton. He raved about traded the laptop for eternal life, and then died. David, when he got down there, noted puffiness around Anton's eyes and decided he might be ill, so took a blood sample.

The characters took the thugs' Jeep, and found a bushel of wild roses in the back of the car. Rousseau noted that in Balkan and Swiss legend, a rose would keep a vampire out...maybe Anton really was crazy? In any case, the characters knew something was up, so they left and went to a safe house.

They tried to contact Rudek - no luck. Rousseau went back to her contact, Ivana, and she told them that Rudek had left for Beirut. David ran the blood test, and determined that Anton was dying of some kind of kidney failure. Figuring that things were getting hot and strange, they decided to get out of Sarajevo and headed for Switzerland for a while (Smith has a hunting cabin in the Zurich). First, Hanover tried tracing the money that they'd been paid with, but he got as far as a shell company on the Isle of Man before the security got too intense (it's three Tests, and he failed the last one). The characters headed for the train, figuring they'd do more digging from Zurich.