Sunday, March 3, 2013

Dresden, Dresden, Dresden

Yesterday was our March session of Let it Ride, so let's ride. Lou changed his "Vampires are Sore Losers" aspect to "Everybody Knows Me," since he and the White Court seem to have made peace. No other shifts in Aspects...yet.

We didn't have Clive (family emergency), so as we open, Lou is asleep at home, Opal and Alice are getting drunk and watching National Velvet, and Clive and Rusty at getting drunk at the Horse & Barrel. At some point during the night, Clive leaves (but covers Rusty's tab, so that's nice). Rusty gets a cab home and winds up crashing out in his foyer.

Opal, about midnight, feels that someone in the race has died and then not-died. Concerned, she starts making phone calls. She calls Lou first, but Lou has no data and figures it can wait until morning. She calls Leroy, who's fine if dazed, doesn't try and call the Fairy Courts (because gah), calls Lucredi (fine), calls Clarence (fine but concerned and not fooled by her claims that all is well), calls Bingham and gets an employee, calls Billy Ray and gets voicemail, calls Jeannine and gets voicemail, and finally (amidst urging from Alice and a compel of I am Switzerland) calls Albert. He's also fine, but wants to know if Opal called him first or last. Opal, shyly, dodges the question.

The next day, Lou called Rusty and let him know that he couldn't come with him to check the Bingham horse, but wasn't sure why. Rusty got a little paranoid (maybe he'd killed someone close to this guy?), but couldn't come up with anything. Opal called Lou and then Rusty and let them know about the weirdness last night, and asked them to look in on Jeannine and maybe Billy Ray. They headed out to Todd Park and found a dude there wanting to buy meth, but said dude hadn't seen Billy Ray all day. Then they headed to Shady Pastures and found that Jeannine wasn't home. Her son Cody was, though, and he told them that Jeannine was working at the Love's down the street.

The silo at Shady Pastures used to be boarded up, but now it was open. Rusty wanted to go check it out; I compelled Lou's Work is For Suckers Aspect and he left to go talk to Jeannine, saying he'd be back to pick up Rusty.

Rusty went to the silo and smelled blood. He opened the door and I compelled Are You Gonna Eat That? He leaned in...and something grabbed him and yanked him in.

Rusty wasn't sure what was happening, but he knew bad shit was in the offing. Something clawed him, and he whipped around and ran for the door. He grabbed the door and yanked, but something held it closed. He got clawed up pretty badly (gaining Leg Wound as a moderate consequence, Grazed as a mild and Scalped as a severe). The next shot would have killed him; he shoved away the person holding the door and grabbed it again, but something bit him.

Now, this would have killed him, but the player decided to take an extreme consequence. He changed his Are You Gonna Eat That? Aspect to Blood Thirsty.

Meanwhile, Lou went to Love's and talked with Jeannine. She had nothing to report, just that she'd worked a double shift. Lou left to get Rusty, and when he go there, he found blood. He nudged the door open and Billy Ray called out to him.

"Why don't you come into the sun?" said Lou.

"Don't think I can," said Billy Ray. "Skin cancer, you know."

They talked a bit about why the vampires shouldn't just kill Rusty (and why Lou, as a representative of the race, shouldn't interfere). Lou said that he didn't necessarily mind getting out of town, and bringing the silo down would maybe ruin the vampires' day. Billy Ray agreed, and tossed Rusty out, after getting Lou to agree that Rusty wasn't under any special protection.

Lou loaded Rusty into his car and took him to the hospital, letting Opal know that Billy Ray had joined the Black Court (and letting Jeannine know there were vampires in the silo near her home).

Opal, meanwhile, had gone Leroy's stables and asked Joshua to check in with the Winter Lady (she was fine). Bo was there, working in the barn, and Alice went to go and "help" him. Opal, figuring there wasn't much reason to hang around, left when she got Lou's call, and met him out at Bingham's stable.

Lou used the Sight on April Showers, Bingham's horse, and noted that there was a connection between it and another being somewhere. He looked at the horse's lineage and saw it had a brother named Sleipnir somewhere. That done, he and Opal went out to see Arthur Market and his horse.

His stables were much lower rent, but serviceable. They got there and Arthur introduced his horse: Sleipnir. Lou went to use the Sight on the horse, and Opal and Arthur went inside and made awkward small talk until Lou joined them.

Arthur let Opal know that Sleipnir had been a family gift, kind of a peace offering. He got the horse and enough money to keep the horse cared for here. Lou rolled in and asked when Arthur was going to ask her out, and then left (he'd driven himself, after all). Arthur, embarrassed, said that he had in fact been planning on doing that, so...? Opal was receptive, but the problem was that Arthur was in the race and Opal was the officiate, so the "out" would have to wait until the race ended. They agreed to that, and parted ways (and Alice, BTW, was texting Opal all this while, trying to find out the dirt).

That night, Lou invited everyone over for barbecue, including most of the racers (he didn't invite the Fairy Ladies or the vampires onto his property, and that's probably just as well). They all noticed that Rusty wasn't eat his hamburger, um, cooked, but generally folks got on. Alice took Lou aside and asked if she was pregnant; Lou used the Sight and confirmed that she was (a note: I do not allow female PCs to get pregnant unless the player asks, and I probably don't need to explain why). Alice, a little abashed that she'd gotten drunk last night, eschewed beer for the party.

Next up: Opal needs to find a race track, Lou needs to make the card...but during the party, Rusty got a call from Clive's phone. Where has he been, indeed?