Sunday, January 27, 2013

Game Soundtrack!

Happy Sunday!

When my longer chronicles finish, I like to make CDs for my players with a "theme song" for all the PCs, as well as for some of the more important NPCs, crucial events in the chronicle, maybe even one for opening and closing credits. For example, here's the one I did for my long-running Werewolf: The Forsaken chronicle. The one for Edge of Midnight was different in that I did a song for each game session (the game only ran about 21 sessions, which I know is long to some people and really short to others, but it was such an awesome game, really). I also tried to keep it to period music or jazz, though I didn't always succeed (but the Vitamin String Quartet arrangement of "Goodbye Blue Sky" was perfect).

Anyway, at the end of September we finished our four-year Changeling chronicle, Snowblind. I had such a great time running this game, and although by the end I know people were ready to see it conclude, I didn't get the sense that anyone was dreading playing it, either. People seemed to have fun. Anyway. Today I want to work on the soundtrack a little bit, and at least figure out what I still need.

OK, so first off, lists of characters that get songs:


  • Hod - "Rain King," Counting Crows
  • Lisa - "Letters from the Sky," Civil Twilight
  • Nox - "Scene of a Perfect Crime," Concrete Blonde
  • Felix - "Strange Days," The Doors
  • Wisp - "Full Moon," The Black Ghosts
  • Mickey - "I Can Change," Violent Femmes
  • Stan - "I Don't Remember," Peter Gabriel
  • Ellie - "Dead Hearts," Stars
  • Sissie - "Had a Dad," Jane's Addiction
  • Gloria - "Now They'll Sleep," Belly
  • Madeline - "Downtown," Tom Waits
  • Vivian - "Night of the Dancing Flame," Roisin Murphy
Good lord, that's a bunch of characters (see, Mickey's player changed characters after almost every story), and there were secondary PCs that would show up sometimes. 


  • Mike Hadrian - "Watching the Detectives," Elvis Costello
  • Pretty Bill - "Sinister Kid," The Black Keys
  • Bethany Blackwell - "Mountain Sound," Of Monsters & Men
  • Hailey Tice - "Favor House Atlantic," Coheed & Cambria
  • Silas - "Darkness Into Light," Matisyahu
  • Alice Whitefall - "Closer," Burn Season
  • Alice Whitebrook - "Still Alive," Lisa Miskovsky
  • Devourer - "The Hollow," A Perfect Circle
  • Skin & Bones - "Troll Lullaby," Jarboe
  • The Man Jack - "No One Believes Me," Kid Cudi
  • Lofn - "Chained", The xx
  • The Cat (That Isn't a Cat) - "Virtue the Cat Explains Her Departure," The Weakerthans
Mostly this is just so I can keep track, but if you have suggestions for songs, hey, I'll listen.