Sunday, August 12, 2018

Board Game: Adorable Monsters

Hey, finally one of these.

The Game: Adorable Monsters
The Publisher: Zach Weisman, I guess? I don't see a website and there's another game with the same title taking up Google hits.
Time: 15 minutes or so
Players: Me, Michelle, Jenn, JR

Game Play: Players get a monster (draw two, pick one), and then they spend some time placing adjectives on it. Adjectives can be scary ("big," "cumbersome," "eight-legged") or cute ("bumbling," "nice"), and obviously you just want to put scary adjectives on your monsters.

Players can then either dump their hand of cards and redraw, or challenge another player to a Scare-off. During a Scare-off, everyone can play cards on either monster, but no one draws more cards, and once everyone is done the winner is the one with more scary adjectives. The winner takes the loser's monster card as victory point, the loser draws a new monster and on we go.

JR builds a monster.
Monsters have different special powers; the merman wins ties, the dragon prevents uninvolved players from interfering in a Scare-off, and so on. In general, though, it's pretty straightforward.

My beastly, swift, stealthy, big yeti.

Opinions: The game is fun to play and the art is really nice. The monsters' powers are interesting enough to warrant some replay value. I've got three main issues.

First, some editing would be good. "Bumbuling", f'rex, is on an adjective card.

Second, some of the adjectives aren't so great. Like, "blind" is a cute adjective, which strays a little far from the mission as well as being ableist.

Finally, some of the rules aren't clear. The Teenager (yes, there's a monster called the Teenager, hee hee) can redirect "attacks" to other players, but the word "attack" is never used in the instructions. I had to look up the Kickstarter and fortunately someone else had asked (she can redirect Scare-offs to other players, which makes more sense).

Generally, though, it's a fun little game and has enough depth of gameplay to be worth keeping, which isn't true of a lot of "cute" games.

Michelle and Jenn, building monsters. 

Keep? Yes.