Sunday, July 8, 2018

Character Creation: Dungeon World

Well, I'm trying to avoid loading up my chargen project with White Wolf/WoD games and PbtA games, but those are quick and easy and sometimes you need quick and easy. I'll do something else next week.

The Game: Dungeon World
The Publisher: Sage Kobold Productions
Degree of Familiarity: None with this particular game, but quite a bit with the underlying system
Books Required: Just the one.

So, Dungeon World is a PbtA take on D&D. If you've paid even the slightest bit of attention, you know I don't care much for D&D, but I can kinda get into this because it strives to give the game something that baseline D&D doesn't really have: context. As with most PbtA games, you're asked to think about why these things are happening, even as the game itself is a dungeon crawl. Sounds good. So let's get started!

Step one: Choose a class. I think I'll make a fighter; it's a little off-brand for me (I usually go for magic users), but eh, it sounds good.

Step two: Choose a race. I think I'll be a halfling fighter (thinking of, perhaps, Large Jack from Blackadder or...Yoda, I guess).

Step three: Choose a name. The first one on the list is "Finnegan," and I like that. His friends call him "Finn."

Step four: Choose a look. For Body, I'll say "built" (he's a stacked little guy). For eyes, I'll say "angry" (he's got a temper). For hair, "wild." For skin, "calloused."

Step five: Choose stats. I assign 16, 15, 13 12, 9, 8 to my stats. Well, seems like I'll be using hack and slash a lot, so I'll put STR at 16. I'll put 15 in CON (HP, man) and 13 in WIS (gotta be at least somewhat smart). 12 in DEX, 9 in CHA, 8 in INT.

Step six: Figure out modifiers. So...I do that. And write them on the sheet. Next.

Step seven: Set maximum HP. Base 10 + 1 = 11.

Step eight: Choose starting moves. Well, I actually don't get to choose the moves, but I do have choices to make within said moves. I get a signature weapon! I'll take...a flail. I like the idea of a little guy using a weapon that can trip people. I get two enhancements, so I'll say it's versatile (I can attack at hand range as well as close) and hooks and spikes (more damage, but more weight). It's got a blade on the hilt, spikey bits on the weighted ball, and a couple of spikes on the haft. Its look is ornate - it's got gold leaf and carvings on the haft and so on. Definitely halfling made.

Step nine: Choose alignment. Ugh. I'll say Finn is good, though he blusters a lot.

Step ten: Choose gear. I have chain mail, a shield, and a couple of healing potions.

Step eleven: Introduce your character. Well, this would be to establish bonds, but y'know, it's just me, so I'll skip that.

I think Finn is kind of a classic "gruff guy with a good heart" sort of person, but I think he's also kind of a black sheep among halflings just because he's good at violence. He grew up in a society that doesn't really reward being too fighty (not that halflings can't be adventurers, but they're usually burglars!), and here's Finn, sliding between enemies' legs and spinning his damn flail and knocking people over and whacking them in the face. He's about the least subtle thing you've ever seen, a little whirling maniac, but he doesn't talk about food or home, and for a halfling that seems off somehow.

And that's me done, actually!