Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Let's Punch a Ghost!

Monday was Blades. Yup!

The crew figured that they needed to get serious about this Red Sash issue, but the leader of the Crows, Lyssa, had told them last time that the Crows would maybe help them with the Mylera Klev issue if they'd take care of a little ghost problem first. To wit, Lyssa took over the Crows by murdering Roric, the previous leader, and she wanted his ghost out of the way, as it was bedeviling folks in Crow's Foot.

Which is how we find the crew in their boat, near a bridge, on a canal in Crow's Foot. Copper, having stolen a Crow's jacket during a friendly gambling excursion, impersonates one of the gang in order to draw the ghost's ire (and she and Siren notice that they're being watched - someone on a nearby rooftop, wearing the garb of the Lampblacks, is spying on this op).

The gambit works, though, and the ghost arrives. Cage grabs it with a hook and Copper punches it. It hurls at spectral dagger at her, which Siren tries (and fails) to shoot out of the air. Cage pulls out a bottle and tries to trap the spirit, but can't quite manage it. One-Eye coats a harpoon with ghost oil and shoots the ghost, wounding it, and Copper leaps up to the bridge and shoves the spirit bottle right into it (cutting herself on the harpoon in the process and becoming ghost-poisoned; her voice echoes and she sees glows). She yells to Siren to dominate the ghost, and Siren taps into the presence in her head.

Copper, ghost-poisoned, sees Siren take on the form of Kotar and command the ghost into the bottle. The scoundrels win, and report to Lyssa (but do not give up the bottle - they might need it someday!). She agrees to kill Mylera Klev when she gets a message from the crew, and the crew go about their preparations to hunt down and kill Gargoyle.

The decide to hit him on the Docks, as he's leaving a drug den. Cage uses his ritual, making all of the crew like living shadows; they figure they can just dart Gargoyle, kill him, and move on.

Next time, we'll see just how well this works.