Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Blades in the Dark: Go Scoundrels Go

Everyone was rollin' 6s on Monday, it was bananas.

So, last time, the scoundrels completed one job and immediately started a new one. To wit, they were trying to talk Ulf Ironborn into giving up or selling his little gambling den and letting Widdershins have it, which in turn would cement their "Luxury Den" (on the turf map). They bring Ulf to Ruby to get him high and show off their services; Ulf is there with two of his gang, speaking Skovic to One-Eye and generally playing up the "Lockport Pride" thing (which doesn't sit well with her, because she hates Lockport and couldn't wait to get out and certainly doesn't have any issues surrounding her homeland).

They hang around Ruby a bit, and then Ulf says they should walk down to the Island and check that out. As they cross a bridge, two dudes leap out from under the bridge and pull guns on them. This goes badly. Copper releases Button, who mauls one to death, and the other one trades bullets with Siren (but she has armor, he doesn't). Cage examines their bodies and find a handful of coin on them, but it's shiny, new, well-minted coin, the kind of stuff you'd find in Brightstone. Who paid these guys? They're not obviously with any gang, and they don't look familiar. The scoundrels shove the bodies into the canal and move along.

Arriving at the Island, they gamble a bit, drink, and so forth. Ulf asks One-Eye some organizational questions, but then agrees to sell the place for four Coin. Or...he has a job they could do, and knock the price down to one Coin. One-Eye asks what the job is, with some trepidation, and Ulf says that the Grinders have this smuggling job - pick up a trapped specter and transport it to the Docks. One-Eye groans; she still isn't interested in getting involved in rebellion or political issues, but hey, this'll save the crew some money and it's very much in their wheelhouse, so fine.

That concluded this job, though, so the crew paid their Coin and got some rep (and wound up with some additional Coin because they're now selling drugs and gambling fun), and they started working on this new job. They had an additional problem, though - the ghost of the dude that Button had mauled showed up at the hideout to haunt them.

Cage handles that, though; he puts a lightning hook on the ghost's neck and attunes. He sees the guy taking a meeting with a very well-to-do gent in a cloak. The man hands the thugs the coins, and tells them to kill Siren. If they kill other Widdershins, great, he'll pay them for those, too. As he leaves, he warns them to get more people on this - they can't take out the Widdershins by themselves. The ghosts howls and disintegrates (guess they put the body in the furnace!) but Cage relays all this to the crew. Siren is concerned this might have something to do with the spiritual presence in her head?

One-Eye and Copper head out to the Docks to talk to Sercy from the Grinders. One-Eye wants some answers; she knows that the Grinders planned to use this specter as a weapon, but wasn't sure where or how and decides that if Widdershins was going to be party to this, they should know. Sercy isn't very forthcoming, though, claiming that the Grinders weren't sure about where or how to use, but promises it wouldn't be Nightmarket, and that was just gonna have to be good enough. They haggle a bit, and finally Copper steps in and says they'll do the job, they'll get paid, that'll be the end of it.

The crew was to meet Junker and get the specter, near the rail station, then transport it to the Docks. They meet Junker and he hands them a crate (and Cage feels something shift inside as he carried it). On the boat, Siren sees in the distance another ship approaching...and then gets shot. Her armor absorbs it (she was using a heavy loadout since she knew she was being stalked). Cage and Copper head back to the boat; Cage lands and keeps the box even, while Copper misses and winds up hanging on the side. One-Eye guns it.

They alter their route and swing past the prison. Siren shoots the guy steering the pursuing vessel to slow them down, then dumps an explosive charge in the water. The boats hits it and blows up, and the Widdershins move along (see what I mean about them killing it this session?). The shockwave jostles the boat and the box starts glowing, but Cage focuses and restrains whatever's inside. They move through the city (we flash back to One-Eye dealing with Griggs of the Gondoliers and making sure that they aren't going to hassle the crew), but then they wind up going between Brightstone and Charterhall.

They find some spirit wardens scanning the waterways with some kind of spectro-tech. Cage tosses a vial of ectoplasm on the bridge they're standing on to disrupt said tech, and One-Eye talks her way past them. They get to the Docks and walk the thing to the tavern, where they see some other toughs in the corner. They ignore them, though, deliver the crate, and get their money (realizing that the toughs aren't there with the Grinders, so there's no need to start shit).

The crew gets paid and gets rep, and winds up at Tier II. They also wind up with a bunch of Heat (this was not quiet), and going up a wanted level. One-Eye works on her eye and gets it completed, but still needs to install it. Cage, though, has a strange encounter - as he's walking to visit Lord Penderyn, a demonic presence visits him and tells him to steal "a cloak" from someone, and then burns a map into his coat. Penderyn cuts him off - he's getting attention that's just not cool.

Lots of wheels turning. Gotta do some prep over the weekend. And it'll be a while before we play again; running a one-shot of We Used to Be Friends next time.