Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Promethean: Visions and other st-

Last time, recall, the throng met up with Lurch and then found Virgil again, after he was talked into leaving by...a qashmal?

We open this time as the throng is finishing dinner. Lurch mentions that he'd like to get the throng's take on the Phosphorum Refinement, and the Athanor that taught it to him. Grimm says that his experience of it didn't have much to do with death, per se, it was just about burning the candle at both ends and being a daredevil. Lurch is pretty sure he was following a different Role, one that dealt with death and dying, but he can't put is finger on what he got wrong. Enoch suggests that maybe he was meant to witness death, not prevent it, and that maybe he should go and volunteer at a hospice. Lurch considers this, but the throng decides they should check out the Athanor. He directs them to the Bluegrass Memorial Gardens cemetery, and the walk through the grounds stealthily to a mausoleum. Lurch shoulders open the door, and he, Matt, Grimm, and Enoch go in.

The casket has intricate marks on it, which Matt notes were carved after the casket was placed in here. Enoch recognizes the symbol for Phosphorum, and some others indicating that this is a Refinement Mentor Athanor - a Promethean could meditate here and learn the truth of the Refinement (thus taking a Role). Matt looks around the back of it and finds the name "JESSE" carved on it - probably the Promethean that made the Athanor. But then Matt realizes that there's water seeping in from the corners and dripping from the ceiling...and then the floodwaters start.

The deluge pushes Lurch straight out of the mausoleum and knocks the other three off their pins. They taste the water - it's warm and salty, less like seawater and more like tears. The waters subside after a few minutes and the Prometheans feel a little drained. Enoch notes that this might have been a Firestorm (they don't always involve literal fire), but he's not sure what triggered it. Maybe Matt touching the casket, but why that? Figuring to test it, Enoch and Grimm go back in and Enoch touches it, and the same thing happens - deluge of water, water recedes, Prometheans lose some Pyros...but this time, they fall into pairs.

Avalon and Grimm wind up in a chalet in Switzerland, which Avalon recognizes as the home of her creator, Ysolde. The place is weirdly quiet; all the clocks have stopped. They find Ysolde's body in her workshop, a single bullet wound in her back...and Avalon's gun has a spent cartridge and there are bloody footprints in her size near the body.

They realize this must be a vision, but Grimm doesn't understand why he's there, too. And then a car pulls up outside and Rosa, Grimm's creator, enters with groceries, calling to Ysolde that she's home. She sees the Prometheans and screams, demanding to know why Avalon shot Ysolde, and then tells Grimm that she knew he'd bring death, he's made of killers, of course he's a killer. The clocks start ticking again and grow louder and louder...and then their vision clears and they're back in the cemetery.

Lurch and Enoch share a vision. They're in a...morgue? Hard to say, but bodies are definitely being processed. Lurch says that his workshop when he made a Promethean looked a little like this, and Enoch is surprised to know that Lurch, in addition to spawning Extempore, also created one the old-fashioned way. As they talk, a man in surgical scrubs enters, and pulls down his mask to reveal...Ollie, the young artist who got overly Disquieted by Avalon back in Colorado. He says that he was trying to make someone to fill the same need as Avalon, but now that Enoch was here, he could just take him to her. He stares at the mark on Enoch's arm, obsessing over the throng bond, but Enoch refuses, saying that getting near Avalon would be bad for him. Ollie responds by cutting open his own throat, and the Prometheans watch him die. Back in the cemetery, they come to standing far apart from the others, and Lurch tells Enoch that he thinks he's right about his interpretation of Phosphorum. This fulfills Enoch's Pilgrim Role milestone, help another Promethean approach the Pilgrimage.

Skip and Virgil share a vision. They're in a boxing ring, and Skip is pounding the crap out of Virgil. Virgil is wounded, his eyes are swollen shut, but he's not falling down and Skip isn't letting up. Skip finally clinches him to make the refs break it up and take them back to corners, and Skip's corner man tells him "you've got him! Finish him!" He recognizes Nergal's voice, but refuses to fight. Nergal responses by climbing inside him and forcing him into the ring, but Skip fights back, trying to call on his knowledge of Vitality to resist. They fade back into the cemetery, and Skip is punching the bark off a tree, which Virgil is standing behind. Skip apologizes, but Virgil smiles - he didn't know he could take that kind of punishment.

That leaves Feather and Matt...but Feather's player was feeling very ill suddenly so we had to call it there, HENCE THE INTERRUPTED SUBJECT LINE OOOOOH.

(Next time.)