Thursday, October 5, 2017

Promethean: Down to the River Through a Van

Monday was Promethean, but I've been too busy redlining a Promethean and running a Kickstarter that you should totally back and share. 

Anyway! Last time Red kinda kicked some ass, and we wound up with Feather, Grimm, and Matt going to a scrapyard to track him down, Avalon and Enoch dead and at the River of Memory, and Skip hanging with Jesse at the camp. Let's start there.

Skip and Jesse get to the swamp and start looking around. Jesse's left eye goes all white and starlit, and Skip activates Ephemeral Flesh and therefore looks like a ugly Promethean. This makes Jesse stare a bit, and Skip remembers what Sicky had said about Disquiet affecting werewolves. They look about, and don't see any spiritual turbulence. They do find a place where two trees grow together forming what looks like an archway, which Jesse identifies as a gate to the Underworld. He can open it, he says, if they want to see where it goes. Skip agrees, and Jesse performs a ritual that involves biting the head off a snake, and they enter a cavern.

Following water trickling downwards, they come to a fork in the cavern. At the split is a tableau - a man strapped to a table. Other people appear, bearing hatchets and saws and machetes and hack him to pieces, and then the scene resets. Skip contemplates this, and realizes that the blood is flowing one way but the hate is flowing another. He decides that Red's focus on blood was incidental, it's his hate that's important, so heads that way. He also feels the stirrings of Vitriol, and realizes that if he could harness that hate, he could achieve a milestone.

Meanwhile, Avalon and Enoch stroll along the River of Memory and find a passage, which leads them to a cavern full of cobwebs. Enoch reaches out to pluck one, and a skeletal hand stops him. He needs to say the name of the person he's looking for, the Kerberos explains, and then he can follow the echoes...if that person is in the Underworld. They plucked a web and asked for Byron Odell Jr. (Red's youngest son, the one that committed suicide via electrocution) and followed the echoes around several corners, down some corridors, and to a frothing, raging river - Styx, the River of Hate.

Also meanwhile, up in the living world, Grimm, Matt, Feather, and Sicky checked out the Marceau Scrapyard. Matt, en route, used Vitriol to calcify the Externalize Alembic, and in so doing achieved the fermentatio milestone (fix an Alembic). Matt picked the lock on the gate, while Grimm (having reassumed Cuprum and therefore regained access to all of his previous Transmutations) turned into a rat to scout around inside. He heard from some other rats that the guy with the hatchet was in the trailer. Feather, meanwhile, dithered around trying to come up with a plan (grabbing her Beat for her Refinement Condition), and Matt looked around and found a blood trail leading back into the scrapyard.

They followed the trail (Grimm activated Bloodhound's Nose and confirmed it was Red's blood) and found a van in the back of the property. The door was open...and it was an Avernian Gate. They couldn't have missed Red by much. They checked out the trailer, but Matt noticed a wire when he started to open the door and they decide to leave it. Feather calls Mort and tells him where they area, but they don't want to wait. Into the Underworld they go.

They follow the blood trail, and everyone winds up meeting outside a cavern on the River of Hate. Skip and Avalon both drink from the river, and find that Wrath and Justice replace their Torment and Elpis, respectively. And then Feather is attacked by blood.

The blood-monster flies out of the cavern and slams into her, melting her flesh. Enoch uses Alchemicus to freeze it (and gets like 7 successes, so it's frozen), and Avalon punches it out of sheer anger. This doesn't do much, but it does fulfill her Torment, which, in turn, gets her Willpower and Pyros back, but also puts her into Torment. Skip punches the bloodsicle and cracks it in half, and then something shoots at them from the cavern.

Jesse changes into a big honkin' wolf and charges into the dark, and the Prometheans follow. There they see Red, armed with a shotgun; this ghostly son Dennis armed with a rifle; and his other son Byron chained to the wall with live wires. Enoch runs over to free Byron, figured maybe that'll help. Grimm shoots Red, and Avalon hurls lightning over Jesse's head and hits Dennis. His ghostly form explodes, but this apparently angers Jesse, who changes into giant wolf-man form and attacks Feather. Feather, far too quick for this, keeps Jesse busy.

Skip punches Red and knocks him right the fuck down, and Grimm shoots him again, killing him. The blood-thing flies back in and they see blood tendrils reaching out, but then Avalon summons up lightning again and fries it against the wall. About now, Enoch manages to free Byron, who stumbles for the entrance. Enoch helps him out, and then the cavern starts to collapse in on itself.

Feather lures Jesse out (still frenzied), and Skip tackles him and holds him down while he calms himself out of the rage. The cavern vanishes, with Red and his geist, both death, both now gone. The whole experience leads Skip to completion of a milestone (fight a non-Promethean supernatural being and survive) and mastery of the Exemplar Role, and therefore the Ferrum Refinement.

The throng (and Jesse) make their way back to the surface. Enoch and Avalon, of course, vanish and their bodies heal up a bit, but they're in the trunk. The Prometheans regroup, and Mort confirms that Red is dead. The throng heads back to town and the storefront, and Avalon, having seen justice done, calms down out of Torment. Something eats at her, though, something else that she's forgetting...