Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Character Creation: Sins of the Father

I'm running a one-shot of this game on Friday, and y'know, I like to play with systems before I play with them.

The Game: Sins of the Father
The Publisher: Third Eye Games
Degree of Familiarity: None yet!
Books Required: Just the one, plus a deck of cards

So! Chargen in this game is mostly random, which I like (as I may have mentioned, I like random in my chargen as long as it's not randoms stats). We're making a character who has sold their soul to a Dark Lord (or whose ancestors did; I might not have had anything to do with it).

Step One: Primary Sin. Something of a misnomer because there's no secondary sin, but eh.

So I pick two cards, each of which indicates a sin, or I can default to Sloth because fuck it. King of diamonds and ace of hearts lets me choose between...oh, wait, ace means I pick. Um, OK. I guess I'll take Envy. Sounds like it'd be fun. I jot down my starting Sinful Gift (I get a bonus to take something from someone else).

Step Two: Traits & Attachments

Traits, like, personality traits. I draw four cards and pick two. 4 of clubs, 7 of hearts, ace of diamonds, 8 of hearts. Those translate to Breezy, Dramatic, Punctual (you kidding me?) and Familial, respectively.

Well, "punctual" is hella dumb, so no. I think Breezy and Dramatic sound fun. I'm starting to see this guy as kinda like Titus Abrasax in Jupiter Ascending; playboy looking to outdo his siblings (if any). That gives me ratings of 1 in Chaos and Passion. Sounds perfect.

Step Three: Relationships

Now, here I'd require a group, normally. You get four relationships, two of which have to be with other characters, but either way, you determine the type of relationship by drawing cards. So I'll just draw four cards and make up four relationships. Three of hearts (intimate friend of a friend), king of spades (devious mentor), 9 of spades (devious enemy) and 8 of clubs (hostile family).

Hang, I need a name, first. This guy feels like a Smythe. Oh, but I did a "Vaughn-Smythe" here. Hrm. OK, about how Slingham? (I want an s-blend.) Sure, Taylor Slingham.

OK, so, my intimate friend of a friend is Toni Shaw. Toni and Taylor hook up occasionally, but they've barely spoken. They know each other through some mutual acquaintance and wind up making out in the bathroom at the bar sometimes, but Taylor's hard-press to remember her last name.

My devious mentor is Danielle Aguilar. Danni is instructing Taylor in the fine art of taking what you want and leaving nothing behind. She's a professional trophy wife and sometime grifter. Presently she's widowed, but Taylor had nothing to do with that.

My devious enemy is Randal Richards. Richards also frequents the bar (where Toni works), and probably hooks up with Toni, too. I think Randal and Taylor are cordial to each other because they'd both lose if they lost their shit, but that's the game - pushing the other one far enough that he snaps without losing face. Randal's a dick.

Finally, my hostile family is Alexandra Slingham. Alex is Taylor's older sister, and Alex loves Taylor, but Taylor hates Alex - she got everything. She's got the best cars, the best job, and so forth (I think she's a Hellborn and her sin is Avarice).

Step Four: Skills. These are simple; I get one at 3, two at 2, and everything else at 1. Well, obviously my 3 should be Convince. My 2s can be Notice and Know, and that leaves everything else at 1. That was easy.

Step Five: Debt & Sinful Gifts. Well, I have one Sinful Gift already, but if I want another it adds 2 to my Debt (which measures how in deep to the Dark Lord I am). I've already got 2 Debt and I can't start over 5. I like Re-Gifting; it means I can mimic other folks' Sinful Gifts. I'll take on 2 more Debt to get it, and then I'll take one on more to raise my Occult to 2.

Step Six: Dark Lord. This is normally a full-group/GM thing, but since I'm my own grandpa GM, I'll just do it.

So first thing, I pick four cards and use them to pick the Dark Lord's traits. Maybe he's punctual (no, because I can't draw the same card twice). Well, the Lord could be Glamorous, Sentimental, Secretive, or Nihilistic. Oooh, Glamorous and Nihilistic, please.

Next, how does he communicate? He sends a minion. Cool.

What does he want for sacrifices? Contracts for more souls!

And what, ultimately, does he want? Conquering of a location. Hrm. I keep talking about this bar. I like it, actually. The bar is built over the remnants of a much more powerful demon, one our current Dark Lord can't enter (demon politics, darling, just forget it). He wants to take over the bar probably so he can raze it (nihilistic). The Dark Lord's name is...probably unknowable, but he goes by Demetrius. He's thin and dark and beautiful and just does not care, but normally he'll send someone into the bar to deliver messages to Taylor, Alex, and whoever else happens to be there.

And that's it! Kinda looking forward to running this on Friday, seems cool.