Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Character Creation: Orkworld

Wow, I actually haven't posted anything at all since before GenCon. Been busy with, well, GenCon, but also being back at work and doing writing n' stuff.

Anyway, I feel like making a character and I read this game recently, so!

The Game: Orkworld
The Publisher: Wicked Press (written by John Wick, but it doesn't seem to be available anywhere that I can find with an easy Google)
Degree of Familiarity: None. I've read most of the book.
Books Required: Just the one.

So, the story behind this game, as told in the book, is that John was playing in a D&D game and asked to play an ork (orc?) bard, and the GM said no, orks are evil, and John, ever the contrarian, turned around and wrote a 4000 word essay on ork culture to justify the character when then mushroomed into this game.

Much of the book is about ork culture. The book falls into that category of games that I probably wouldn't run because it would require the players to read the book, and I don't have players that do that so much anymore. That said, the world-building is extensive and pretty interesting in a lot of places. So let's get to it!

Part of what you do here is build a household, but there's also a system for building lone orks, which is what I'm gonna do because I don't have a group. I also found an interactive sheet for this, so that's pretty neat.

So I start with...the character questions, I guess, which is technically under the household section? (This book isn't intuitively organized, which is a problem I've had before.)

What does your character look like? I'll say my ork is short and stocky. His front teeth are blunted and maybe a bit too big, and he's got a tinge of blue in his black hair. He's missing two toes from his left foot (bitten off by another ork in a fight).

Does your ork have any distinct habits or quirks? My ork favors clubs, but lighter ones that are balanced for throwing. He's always tossing them (or some other bulky object) up and catching it.

When does courage end and bravado begin? Odd question, and in context what it seems to mean is "do you really believe your soul lives on eternally after you die?" I think my ork believes it pretty much whole-heartedly; he jokes about what kind of spices he should be flavored with (orks eat their dead).

How will your ork die? He'd like to die in battle and be carried back and made into stew. He's afraid he'll die lost and alone in the wilds and no one will find his body.

OK, so now I skip ahead a few steps to step five, creating thraka (warriors, basically). I get 15 points if I'm an ork without a household, which is effectively what I'm doing here. I note that I'm rank 1.

Virtues! I get five (Courage, Cunning, Endurance, Prowess, Strength); one at 3, three at 2, one at 1. I can raise them with points, too.

So, I think I'll put my 3 in Prowess, my 2s in Courage, Cunning, and Strength, and my 1 in Endurance.

Skills, then. I guess I can put them under whatever Virtue? Oh, there it is, yep, whatever Virtue is appropriate. Okies. Skills are 1 point each and then 1 point to increase, to a max of 3.

Well, I want a "Throw Club" skill, which feels like it should go until Prowess. I'll put that at 2.

Oh, christ, there's "Overpowering Flatulence" listed as an example skill. FFS.

Anyway, I do like "That Didn't Hurt!" as a skill, so I'll take that and stick it under Endurance. I'll also spend four and raise my Endurance to 2. I have, therefore, spent 7 of my 15.

I sort of want to take some kind of social or mental skill, maybe something to do with reverence or prayer, which I guess would go under Cunning, but literally none of the examples listed have anything to do with that. Ork Lore, I guess. Maybe I'll be a bard someday.

I'll take Block as a Skill, I figure my guy is good at taking and deflecting shots. Unless some jerk bites his toes. 2 points there, 5 left.

I'll take SMASH as a Skill, since "Spear and Shield" doesn't really cover his fighting style. I'll put 3 in, why not. 2 left for a Charge! Skill under Courage.

And then I do my wound rating, which is 3 (Endurance + Rank) and my Trouble (which is 1).

Oh, I have names, too. I'll say his current name is Doodaykin. Seems pretty orky.

I think that's it, actually. The other stuff on the sheet is household related, which as I said, I'm not doing. I like the vaguely spiritual vibe from this ork; like, he's a believer but is more focused on being a warrior. I think it'd be fun to have a spiritual crisis with him.