Sunday, August 6, 2017

Board Game: Evolution

Finished the Chill game a little early yesterday, so tried this game out.

The Game: Evolution
The Publisher: North Star Games
Time: About an hour
Players: Me, +Michelle+Dirty Heart+Jessica

Time for the fittest to do a little survivin'.
Game Play: The idea here is to guide your various species to dominance. This involves making sure they get enough to eat, and have the right combination of traits to survive whatever predators might be out there.

Players start off rounds playing one trait card into the middle (the watering hole). Then, they play trait cards on their species, taking them from nondescript lizards or whatever to, for instance, long-necked, hard-shelled, tree-climbing herbivores. Then the cards you played to the middle get flipped, and food gets added to the watering hole. Herbivores eat from that, while carnivores...well.

Sarah is not a carnivore but she's way too happy about punching out those tokens.
All species have Body Size and Population. Carnivores can only attack animals that are smaller than they are, and various traits also preclude being attacked (if you're Burrowing, for instance, you can't be attacked if you have food equal to your Population, while only a Climbing carnivore can attack a Climbing whatever). Population falls if you get attacked or if there's not enough food, and if a species' population falls to zero, it's extinct.

At the end of the game, you get points for surviving species (as measured by population), food that your animals ate (you keep all said food in a bag), and trait cards (diversity FTW).

Opinions: This game is really pretty. The production values are off the charts, the rules were really easy to follow, and while they game does take some table space, it's a lot of fun (as compared to another game on the same subject, which was just meh).

Plus it's fun to imagine how exactly an animal with the various traits might have evolved and what cute sounds it makes.

My little menagerie. 
Keep? Yep.