Thursday, July 13, 2017

Character Creation: Monster of the Week

I'm running this game for the first time on Saturday as a one-shot, so I figure I should make a character.

The Game: Monster of the Week
The Publisher: Generic Games
Degree of Familiarity: Haven't played or run it, but I'm very familiar with the genre and I've played and run other PbtA games.
Books Required: Just the one.

So this is a Powered by the Apocalypse take on monster-hunting, and I quite like it. First thing I do, obviously, is pick a playbook. Hmm. Maybe it's just because I finished watching Iron Fist lately and I didn't hate it, but I kinda like the Initiate. I'm a member of a sect dedicated to fighting monsters, and I'm potentially good at using magic to do it. I dig that.

I'm meant to start with a name. I don't want to make a member of a Biblical sect, I don't think, but I'll think about the sect more later. My character's name is Simon Harlow.

Next up is look. Simon's a man. Body...hmm. Tattooed appeals, as does agile. Hmm. I'll go for tattooed. And then I'll go for unfashionable clothes, I think (I don't want formal or ceremonial).

Ratings. Well, my Weird is high no matter what I do, so that's good. I'm fine if my Charm is low, I don't see Simon as being real manipulative. I'll go with the third line (Charm -1, Cool 0, Sharp -1, Tough +2, Weird +2).

Now, my sect. Awesome. Simon's sect is urban. He lived in Chicago, but was kept in an apartment building, close to the beating heart of the city but forever apart from it. The sect operated a tattoo parlor on the first floor, and whenever you passed a test or gained a new skill, you got more ink. The sect (The Painted Walkers of the City) takes in very young children from family members, and doesn't let them leave - you leave when you're 16 or you get your first ink. They stay secret because, um, that's fucked up.

So we get two good traditions and one bad one. I'll take Modernized and Magical lore as the good ones, and Paranoid & Secretive as the bad one.

Moves! I get one based on being in good standing with my sect, but it's a Charm roll, so that sucks. Then I get three more. I'll take Fortunes (I can look into the future, probably by staring into the eyes tattooed on my palms, Helping Hand (I help other hunters well), and That Old Black Magic (when I use magic I get get information).

Gear! Ooh, because we're modernized, I get two modern weapons. I pick a .38 revolver and a shotgun.

The last thing is Introductions, but I'd need a group for that, so I'm pretty much done!