Sunday, May 7, 2017

Misspent Youth Episode Three: Sellin' Out Like Whoa

Yesterday's session of Misspent Youth was brutal; the characters lost six of seven episodes on the dice, but only wound up actually losing one because they decided winning was more important than their Convictions. Let's watch.

First, our Authority Figures for the day.

  • The Overseer, maintaining a list of people who needed to be punished, which the YOs could handle because of their new responsibilities with the Kennels (this really didn't get touched on at all, but hopefully it gets brought up next time). 
  • Billy, the Master of Revels, a god in charge of getting the parties together and boosting morale. 
  • The Four Winds, four gods coming to claim new bodies. 
  • Veris, the spider-like god of inventory.
  • Narcissus, a newly-appointed Prefect and member of the House of Gaga, like Alaska
And then our Friendship Questions:
  • Jacqui asked Alaska: "Who did you sneak out to see the other night?" Answer: "Yasha."
  • Alaska asked Eli: "Why Theo?" Answer: "Have you seen his butt?"
  • Eli asked Yasha: "Who were you talking to that you don't want Alaska to know about?" Answer: "Tea, to get more ambrosia."
  • Yasha asked Kshanti: "What aren't you telling us about why you're in this facility?" Answer: "I volunteered."
  • Kshanti asked Jacqui: "What have you been mixing into your inks?" Answer: "Carbon dust and ambrosia."
Scene One: What's Up

Yasha's player sets the scene and chooses Billy as the Authority Figure. 

The YOs are out in the middle of nowhere on a butte doing trust falls, but because we're talking about gods, here, they're falling off the butte. Alaska, on her turn, refuses, saying that she does not, in fact, trust these people. Billy offers to fall into her arms to show trust, and flies up to the top of the butte. He falls, and Alaska deliberately lets him fall (Yasha's play wins on Alaska's Thrills Conviction), but Billy is convinced it was an accident and agrees to let the YOs come out later and blow off some steam. 

Kickoff: This episode is about trust.

Scene Two: Fighting Back

Alaska's player sets this up, and chooses Eli's question to Yasha ("Who were you talking to that you don't want Alaska to know about?"). The YOs are back in their room and Yasha, claiming to be hungry, heads to the kitchen to talk to Tea. Alaska and Kshanti follow quietly. Eli and Jacqui run interference around Theo, who's in the hallway, and Eli and Theo flirt awkwardly. 

Meanwhile, Yasha talks with Tea as the kitchen-goblins scamper around. She tries to set up some conflict between Theo and Tea and Billy, but before she can really get into it, Alaska sees her and starts yelling at her for talking to Tea. Tea pushes them all out of the kitchen, and Alaska and Yasha have a really fun argument in which Yasha explains what she's doing: Trying to manipulate Tea into giving up more ambrosia and making things rocky enough that maybe the YOs won't be used as meat puppets to the gods. Alaska eventually relents, and Kshanti notices a goblin watching them. It scampers off and the YOs chase it, realizing it'll parrot everything they just said to Tea. Alaska hits it with a shoe and nearly knocks it down, but Jacqui runs smack into Eli and the goblin escapes into a vent (the YOs lose). Tea now knows Yasha's plans.

First Beat - Complication: What will Tea do?

Scene Three: Heating Up

Kshanti's player sets us up, using the Four Winds. They've arrived early, and now the Choosing begins. The YOs and the other inmates are in the bottom of a huge upside-down cone, with all the gods (or holographic representations thereof) seated on the sides. The Winds, in their old, decrepit, used-up bodies, are on a floating disc above the crowd. Billy act as master of ceremonies. 

The Winds assume their wind form and fly down among the people. Some of the inmates are hoping to be chosen, but most, including the YOs, are terrified. The West Wind flows around them and Jacqui's scarf goes fluttering up - the Wind seems to be considering her. The Winds finally decide that they will wait to make their decision until later, and the inmates are released. 

The YOs talk amongst themselves, trying to find a way out of this. They don't want to be meat-puppets, but they don't want the others to fall to that fate, either. Maybe it would be better if, at least, someone willing was taken by the Wind? They decide that their best bet is to compromise Billy the way they did Theo. Alaska suggests using her sexuality, seducing Billy, though the thought disgusts her. 

The YOs wind up going with Billy to a forest biome, and given special gloves to punch down diseased trees. Alaska again refuses, and Billy confronts her. Alaska turns on the charm, and Kshanti sneaks up behind him and puts her fingers in his head to manipulate his Mojo...but Billy is far, far more powerful than any of them thought. The really interesting bit comes when Kshanti is plugged into Billy and being spread across the Empathy between the YOs by Eli...but Billy is aware of this, on some level, meaning that Alaska is looking at herself as Billy sees her...with the potential to be a goddess. Jacqui uses her power over blood to arouse Billy like she did Theo, so that's in the mix, too. Yasha's player rolls and fails, but sells out Optimism to Cynical. She explains the whole plan to Billy, and Billy looks at her and realizes the attraction and history between Yasha and Alaska. But that does mean the YOs win, and Kshanti can exert some control over Billy. 

Scene Four: We Won

Eli's player sets us up, and chooses Alaska's question to Eli ("Why Theo?"). 

We're back at the dorm, after dinner, and the YOs are in a hot tub (which is heated by a small sleeping salamander). They talk about the day and what they've accomplished, and about Theo and Eli's weird lust. Alaska, though, understands now, since she's seen into Billy's head and seen how powerful and grand he really is. 

They see Jacqui's scarf blow in and get caught up in a tree. Jacqui, refusing to take part in this, leaves and asks Alaska to come with her so she can paint her. Kshanti decides to go find Billy, and Eli and Yasha go with her. 

They find Billy in his ship watching everything on innumerable screens...including Alaska getting painted. They give him the scarf, and Yasha again tries to play Billy against Tea and Theo. Billy isn't really having it (he's secure in his position, as are the siblings), but he's still taken with Alaska and notes, again, that maybe if he were to take Yasha's body, Alaska would be a better consort for him. 

Back in the room, Alaska, sensing what's happening through the bond, gets up to dance. Kshanti amplifies Billy's desire, and Eli's player rolls and loses...but sells out their MO to Empathy Gatekeeper, letting Billy into their web. Billy agrees to intervene if the West Wind chooses Jacqui, and the YOs leave. 

Scene Five: We're Fucked

I set this up, choosing Jacqui's question to Alaska ("who did you sneak out to see?"). At the Choosing. Billy, again MCing, has told the YOs that three of the Winds have chosen willing inmates, and the fourth might choose Jacqui, but if it does Billy will intervene. The North Wind flows down and chooses Phyllis, and they see her eyes go white as the god claims her body. The East Wind flows down and chooses someone that the YOs don't see. The South Wind flies down and claims Satin, a young man who screams in resistance. He collapses and Jacqui runs to him, trying to force the wind out. Kshanti bolsters Satin's own Mojo to help him resist. Satin spins around as the Wind tries to pull the breath from his body, and Jacqui tosses up a handful of inks. They sparkle and illuminate the Mojo within. Meanwhile, Yasha talks to Billy, but he says he can't interfere twice - it'll be this kid or Jacqui, not both. Alaska's player stands up and fails, but sells out her MO to It's All About Me! She screams and points to Kelly, another member of the House of Gaga, and someone who wants to be a god. The South Wind relinquishes Satin and flows into Kelly, who gives a weird "thanks?" look to Alaska before she is subsumed. 

The West Wind then flows down and tries to claim Jacqui, but Billy, true to his word, intervenes. He claims that Jacqui and her friends are marked by higher gods, gods not in attendance. (Murmurs begin among the gods - "Death gods?") The West Wind chooses another inmate, and the Choosing ends. 

Second Beat - Complication: Billy protects the clique. 

Scene Six: Who Wins

Jacqui's player sets this up. She chooses Kshanti's question to Jacqui ("What have you been mixing with the inks?"). 

After dinner, the characters are back in their dorm. Billy shows up and waves everyone else out, and talks with the YOs. He revealed that by protecting the YOs, he may have marked them even worse - because they are supposedly marked by gods unknown, everyone is going to want to know why. He leaves, and the YOs talk a bit...and then they realize that they are being gassed. 

Yasha punches the door and dents it, and Eli tries to force it open. Kshanti summons one of the Cerberoi to help, but it sniffs as though distracted. Alaska stands up and loses, but sells out Cool to Trendy. She jams the door open with a high heel, and the YOs win the episode. They follow the Cerberoi as it runs away towards what it was sniffing, and they find a tray of treats outside the cafeteria. Tea, apparently, tried to gas them, but for what purpose they don't know. 

Scene Seven: Aftermath

Yasha's player sets this scene up, and chooses Veris, the spider-like god of inventory. 

Veris appears as the YOs vent their anger at the cafeteria doors. Veris frisks Yasha for mouthing off to him, and then notes that the sparkly ink that Jacqui threw earlier was laced with ambrosia, which the YOs shouldn't have access to. They take the opportunity to cast aspersions on Tea (making it seem like her security is lax). Jacqui stands up and loses, but sells out Pride to Arrogant, and trash-talks Tea, saying that she tried to gas them. Veris agrees to look into this, and the YOs have driven a wedge between Veris and Tea. They've also added Billy as an Exploit, since he's compromised.