Friday, January 27, 2017

Character Creation: Strays

Much like last week, I let Sunday slip by without making a character, but I have a little time today, so I figure I'll do a quick character and then try and get another one done on Sunday so I'm caught up.

The Game: Strays
The Publisher: Wordsmith Games
Degree of Familiarity: Some. I've run it with my family and I'm familiar with the underlying system.
Books Required: The book is standalone, but I have Fate Accelerated if I need it.

So, Strays is a Fate Accelerated game in which you play stray animals. The book is mostly a rehash of FAE, and the author has caught some flack for that, but I dunno, I think it's pretty solid. Also my dog's in it.
See? Si! (Art by Jason Kerr)

So anyway, I'm gonna make a dog. He's a curly-haired terrier mixed, and he used to belong to a family, but then one day on a road trip he fell down an embankment and into a river, and got washed downstream. He's very confused and lost, but believes his people will find him someday. He's just gotta be patient. His name is Ruffles (because his fur looks kinda like ruffles, if you're a six-year-old girl, like the one who named him). He's mostly black but with some white bits, and he's got pointy ears. (Can't you just picture him? AW! RUFFLES!)

I need a High Concept to start us off. Let's say Lost Dog; I think that's nicely simple. For Trouble, I want Is That My Family!? Ruffles chases off after anyone he thinks might be his family, but he's invariably disappointed.

And then I need one more Aspect. Unlike a lot of Fate games, Strays doesn't ask that this be tied into anything in particular. I picture Ruffles as being very quick, maybe too fast for his own good. I'll take Runs Faster Than He Thinks as an Aspect.

The book states that I can add more Aspects, but I dunno if I want to or not. I think I'd like one to reflect his relationship with his human; Ruffles is the kind of dog that would let her paint his nails and put hats on him. I'll take "Human Children Can Do No Wrong."

So now Approaches! I've got six to split up Good, Fair, Fair, Average, Average, Mediocre.

Well, Ruffles is pretty obviously best at Quick, so I'll put his Good there. I'll put my Fairs into Forceful and Flashy (I am barky!), my Averages into Sneaky and Clever (I am...not terribly smart) and my Mediocre into Sneaky (I am barky!).

Now, Stunts. I get 3 Refresh and one Stunt, but of course I can spend Refresh to get more Stunts if I want them.

Let's see. I think my Stunt is "Because I am a mighty hunter, I get +2 to quickly overcome when I am chasing something." I'd kinda like something that doesn't play quite so strongly to my strengths, too, so let's see. "Because I am a good guard dog, I get +2 to flashily defend when threatened by mean humans."

And that'll do it, actually. I want to keep 2 of my Refresh. Ruffles is ready to go find his family and bark at things!