Monday, January 16, 2017

Character Creation: Action Planet

Sure, I've got time. I think.

The Game: Action Planet
The Publisher: Point of Insanity Game Studio
Degree of Familiarity: None.
Books Required: Just the one, which might be a free rules version, I'm not sure.

I got this game in a bundle some years back. It's a cute idea: Some very rich guy bought a planet and is using it to make movies. You play an actor in those movies, the extras are robots, and you can apparently be revived if things get a little too rough. I'm not crazy about some of the artwork, but the concept is neat (see also It Came From the Late Late Late Show).

So, I'm creating an actor, who would then be cast in a role by the Director (the GM). This is the far-future, so nothing says I have to be human. Actually, sure. I'm kind of inspired by Alan Rickman's amazing performance in Galaxy Quest (yes, he's human, but his character wasn't). So, my character is an alien from the planet Jerzy 4. This planet is big on acting and theater, and so they get along great with humans.

Jerzyians look more or less human, but they have a second thumb (which makes them nimble) and an extra set of vocal folds (which means they can harmonize with themselves). They have different skin tones than people, too; my guy's skin is a rich, golden color. His name is Gralpz Gazin (ethnic, but not too).

OK, I get 25 points to build this guy. I've got four Abilities (Comedy, Action, Romance, and Drama). Those cost 2-for-1, and even a score of 1 isn't terrible (and I start with one in each). OK. So I'll go for:

Action 2 (not really his thing, but he can fake it)
Comedy 3
Romance 4
Drama 3

That costs me 16 points, leaving me 9.

I need to buy Stamina, which costs 3 per 5 points. I start with 50. I'll spend 6, I guess, raise it to 60? Hard to know without playing it. I have 3 left.

I'll leave Health at 25, figuring that my character often "dies" before the end. I really want a big romantic lead role, though.

And then Perks. I want Attractive for 3 (which means I'm out and I'll have to take Cliches if I want more points, which I do), Exit Stage Left (once per movie I can automatically dodge an attack), and Specialist (I get a bonus when playing soldiers; got my start in a rom-com about the Space Marines). That means I'm 8 over, so off to Cliches I go!

Cliches are like drawbacks. I need 8 points. I'll take...oh, man, these are low in points, compared to Perks. This is gonna be hard. I'll take Squeamish (can't stand the sight of blood), Pacifist (I can use weapons, I'm just bad at it), Showoff, Oh Crit (I take extra damage if surprised), and Misfire (guns don't work well for me).

And that'll do, it I think! Ready for my close-up!