Wednesday, November 16, 2016

East Texas University: The Beginning Commences

Monday was our first session of East Texas University. Meet the characters!

  • Josh Jacobs (played by Glen): Josh is a theater major, most interested in tech. He's also got an annoying roommate who hasn't shown up yet; note for next time.
  • Dante Cervantes (played by Toasty): Dante isn't even supposed to be here today is a military science major, and is therefore in ROTC. He's spending more time than is probably wise partying just now. 
  • Tallulah "Lula" Rae Sawyer (played by Sarah): Lula is a "nontraditional" student; in her late 20s, she was an accountant and then decided to go back to school for fashion design. She's in the dorms because she missed the deadline to fill out the "I'm too old for this shit" form.
  • Doug Olson (played by Matt): Doug is a computer science major and skilled hacker. He's also calm in the face of danger, but that didn't come up much (nor did his Trouble Magnet Hindrance, because I forgot about it). 
So! We open on a Wednesday afternoon. The students know that this Friday, there's a concert out at Lake Kestrall starring Low Shoulder. Doug is going because what the heck, it's a social thing, and he wants to be better at that. Lula is working the merch table (a friend of hers wants to bang the lead singer and she got volun-told). Josh is going for the fun of it, and Dante is going because his crush Christy asked him. 

This Wednesday, though, the students are in class, except for Dante, who has managed to arrange his schedule to be free in the middle of the week (which is perhaps the most unrealistic thing about this game). He hears from a classmate that one of the campus Christian organizations tried to get Low Shoulder's concert campus, but that they'd already gotten a permit and all was above-board. Lula is in Color Theory, and chats with her classmate. She hears that the lead singer of Low Shoulder, Nikolai Wolfe, is on campus hanging out, probably trying to get laid (said classmate makes it clear that she is d, as they say, tf). Doug is in a programming class, but it's being taught by the TA instead of the prof. He later learns that the prof's office was broken into, and the prof sent the TA to deal with the class while he cleaned up and talked to campus security.

Josh is in a theater tech class, and gets asked where a couple of lights are - they weren't signed out properly. He doesn't know, and asks his classmate Andy, who reacts suspiciously but denies knowledge.

Later on, the characters find themselves in the lounge on the fifth floor of the dorm (their common area). Doug is clicking away on his computer, working on his homework. Josh, likewise, is fixing a fog machine, and Lula is working on her homework. Dante is asleep on the couch (and taking up the whole damn thing, thanks). A student walks by playing "Through the Trees" on his phone, which annoys the characters and wakes Dante. They wind up chatting about life, sniping at each other, and basically being college kids. 

Josh finishes his fog machine and turns it on to test it. It works...but then the power goes out in the building. The characters are stunned, and then hear a wear noise from outside. Looking out the window, they see that the sky is full of birds, all flocking east, blocking out the setting sun. 

Creeped out a bit, they decide that sitting in the dark is no fun. Dante goes to take a shower (he's been doing gardening work on campus), but the others decide to walk with Josh as he goes to return the fog machine to the theater department. They find the Low Shoulder van in the parking lot, and the drummer talking to Andy. They stop talking as the characters approach, and Andy is again skittish. Going inside, Josh drops off the fog machine, and sees a teacher rummaging around in his office. He asks what's up, and the teacher asks if he's seen his sketchbook. Josh hasn't, but reflects on the teacher's offices being broken into. The three of them (Lula, Josh, and Doug) go to grab tacos.

Meanwhile, Dante showers in the dark. As he finishes, his candle goes out, and he hears someone enter and go into the next stall. He hears half a whispered conversation, and the person speaking says that he'll "hit the sociology building tonight." Figuring that he might have just heard the person who's been ransacking teacher offices planning, he gets dressed and meets up with the others. They decide to stake out the building - what the heck, right?

They arrive and Dante goes in, while the others wait outside. He catches someone jimmying the door to a prof's office with a crowbar and smacks him. The dude runs, but Josh tackles him outside and the others call campus security. The security guard shows up (and flirts with Lula a bit), and then zip-ties the offender and drives off with him, turning up the radio, which is playing "Through the Trees." 

Next time, we shall meet Josh's roommate and perhaps magnetize some trouble for Doug!