Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Marvel: No More Heroes

Last night we played the first session of our Marvel Heroic event, No More Heroes. Let's watch, shall we?

It's the Taste of St. Louis cookoff, and several blocks have been closed to traffic so that restaurants and so on can set up stands. Harmony is wandering around in a business capacity, checking for dishes and so on that her club might choose to serve. Arcanix, disguised as a human, is hanging around with Pink (in her normal everyday guise as Jolisa Anderson) and her family, sampling foods.

But not everyone is off today. A truck from Lindquist Industries, carrying the revolutionary prototype of the Earnhardt Radar System, is moving through the city, followed by a limo carrying Lucas Lindquist (the young CEO of the company) and Steven Maxwell Lewis III (whose company helped to construct the electronics for the device). Spore is in a nondescript car with his government handler, watching - the government has an interest in this device, it seems.

Suddenly, a man crosses the street against the light, right in front of the truck! The truck screeches to a halt and the driver blares the airhorn - and the man turns, cocks a greasy smile, and screams. The truck's front end is immediately crushed by the shear sonic force. Spore, seeing this, gets out of the car, zips over to the dude, and slams him to the asphalt. The villain stands up and screams even louder, shattering windows for blocks, panicking the crowds (and increasing the doom pool).

Harmony, who's pretty well-versed in sound herself, charges in, grumbling about having to do this shit on her day off. She tries to absorb the sound and target the villain's sonic attack, but fails - he's too strong for her. Pink, though, takes a much more direct approach - tying her hair up and pulling up her hoodie to disguise herself, she leaps into the air and slams into the dude's back.

But the villain - Decibel - is not alone. From out of nowhere, the insane super-villainess known as Innocence appears, dropping down onto Harmony, her old foe. Harmony's heart sinks - Innocence brings collateral damage with her wherever she goes. A crew of thugs with blasters also appears. One shoots at Pink, but she deftly reflects the blast with a manhole cover.

And then, in the sky, a man in demonic-looking powered armor...the Krampus is early this year. He releases a swarm of drones that shear open the truck, and the thugs rush in to secure the device.

Arcanix teleports over to the fray and tries to yank Innocence into the sky, but fails - she's too quick for him. Back in the limo, Steven Lewis III makes a weak excuse and runs for an alley, but then takes to the sky as the fiery hero Inferno! He swoops in, intending to separate the thugs from the truck with a wall of fire, but gets there too late (he doesn't want to burn anyone alive!).

Innocence pulls out twin machine pistols and sprays the area hitting Spore, Pink, Harmony, and Arcanix. Spore doesn't care, of course (he's effectively immune to such things), but the rest take some damage. Lindquist, meanwhile, shaking his head at Lewis' cowardice, also makes for an alley and emerges as Rookie! He swings in over the truck, intending to pepper it with smoke bombs, but in his haste he's anchored his swingline incorrectly and has to let go (at this point the doom pool was absurd, so the players were finding it hard to create assets or complications).

Harmony, not wanting to get smacked around or see anyone else get hurt, summons up all the light she can and flings it at Innocence and Decibel, blinding them both. They both reel, but can't see to target anyone.

Arcanix decides to fight magitech with magitech. Loudly declaring his position as the Sorcerer Supeme, he uses his powers to possess Krampus' armor, forcing him to fly down and smack Decibel and Innocence together. Innocence, invulnerable to physical attack, doesn't flinch, but Decibel can't take another hit and collapses. Still keyed in to Krampus' armor, Arcanix hears the mad German say, "all right, enough of this. Grimoire, now."

Meanwhile, in the truck, Rookie enters and attacks the mooks with his electric staff. He knocks a few of them down, but then a mystic portal opens under the device, swallowing it.

Out on the street, Innocence runs. Pink tenses to tackle her, but she's too near Pink's family - they would get hurt. She reluctantly lets Innocence go. Krampus flies off, too fast for the characters to follow. The device is gone.

Inferno lands to join the others, but Rookie vanishes into the city - as Lindquist, he's got some people to answer to. Spore's handler demands a report, and berates Pink for letting Innocence go. He also recognizes (and is recognized by) Harmony; she's been doing this a while.

Inferno acknowledges the others, but flies off to attend to business as Lewis. He changes back and returns to the scene, as does Lindquist. The government spook asks them if they have a way to detect the device; Lindquist says he does not (but realizes he could make on; he decides to keep that to himself).

Pink returns to her family and heads home to patch herself up. She fields questions from her mother, who's obviously concerned, but Pink notes that bullets aren't really much of a problem for her. Spore, Arcanix, and Harmony go back to Harmony's club. Arcanix runs his self-repair routine to fix the bullet holes, while Harmony just drinks the stress away.

And then a special bulletin on the TV - the Gateway Arch seems to be overrun by...demons.

The heroes in the bar sigh, and note that the Arch seems to get attacked a lot. Pink quickly finishes her bowl of spaghetti as her little brother delightedly shows her the footage. Lewis, alone in his office, heads for a high window. And Lindquist, getting the notification as he's addressing the press to talk about the theft, says "This press conference is over."

Next time: Demonic hijinks!